Market Cap R23.43T 0.26%
Volume 24h R1.19T -11.36%
BTC % 43.64% -0.52%
ETH % 18.83% 0.21%
Coins 22.755 +65
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ZAR Capitalization ZAR
May-31 2023 R533,277.01 R531,935.05 R546,346.75 R544,398.15 R258,122,650,640 R10,339,584,728,070
May-30 2023 R545,830.00 R542,987.39 R547,608.24 R545,001.02 R208,470,388,472 R10,582,490,900,104
May-26 2023 R518,757.53 R517,976.36 R521,211.37 R520,412.63 R208,704,760,189 R10,055,621,919,980
May-25 2023 R515,848.68 R510,492.06 R518,257.18 R517,645.15 R272,064,909,290 R9,998,694,969,009
May-24 2023 R525,780.17 R525,401.07 R534,832.62 R534,832.62 R205,557,740,181 R10,190,760,036,743
May-22 2023 R528,405.47 R522,170.22 R528,405.47 R525,658.18 R172,728,761,191 R10,240,643,329,470
May-21 2023 R532,468.08 R532,155.63 R535,092.08 R532,894.06 R122,311,213,412 R10,318,891,675,078
May-19 2023 R528,639.38 R526,151.72 R528,859.39 R527,269.61 R245,343,002,960 R10,243,745,965,928
May-18 2023 R534,069.31 R533,794.36 R538,911.72 R538,207.00 R248,984,774,197 R10,348,527,445,287
May-16 2023 R531,577.59 R528,893.46 R536,169.36 R534,269.14 R206,130,228,854 R10,299,182,857,407
May-15 2023 R539,915.06 R525,982.53 R539,915.06 R528,873.47 R202,268,691,548 R10,460,219,961,508
May-14 2023 R528,244.55 R524,174.28 R528,244.55 R526,243.76 R151,468,360,372 R10,233,549,534,324
May-13 2023 R525,665.85 R524,927.65 R529,945.13 R526,536.95 R282,154,540,883 R10,183,126,303,042
May-11 2023 R540,525.80 R539,086.04 R542,909.99 R542,909.99 R351,910,612,868 R10,470,005,282,312
May-08 2023 R555,349.77 R552,641.09 R563,867.89 R561,031.03 R213,942,173,535 R10,755,570,131,075
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 19.63159 ZAR.