IP & Network Tools

What is my IP address?
Details of your current IP address, HTTP headers, proxy and more.
Online Internet Speed Test
Check the upload and download speed of your Internet connection online.
IP Address Location and Details
IP Lookup, location, WHOIS, CIDR, ASName, hostname and more.
Detect Proxy in IP Address
Detects if the IP address is behind a proxy.
IP Address to Hostname
Get the hostname or domain from an IP address.
Hostname to IP Address
Get the IP address from a hostname or domain.
Compress IPv6
Compress an IPv6 type IP address and get its reduced version.
Expand IPv6
Expand an IPv6 type IP address and get its expanded version.
Convert IPv4 to IPv6
Convert a IP Address of type IPv4 to IPv6 version.
Convert IP Address to Decimal
Convert an IP address to its Decimal number.
Convert Decimal to IP Address
Convert a Decimal number to an IP Address.

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