Check the Speed of your Internet Connection

Online Internet Speed Test

Verify the upload and download speed of your online Internet connection.

Please, before starting the speed test, close all the applications that you are running, such as online radios, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube or others, since to verify the speed of your connection the tool will use the full available width of your network and that way the results will be more precise and close to the real limits of your connection.

After performing the connection test, the tool will show you the upload and download speed of the Internet in Mbps, the fluctuation of the connection and the latency in milliseconds.

The result of this test will show you the upload and download speed of your Internet connection, and it is based on the connection from your device to a nearby server. You can also select another server to make the connection by selecting it from the list of available test servers.

This test will use your total bandwidth and the results shown will be those of the maximum limit of your Internet connection, both for downloading and for uploading data. The Internet speed test is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, computers, televisions, and any other device with an available Internet connection.