Market Cap Bs.29.22T -5.56%
Volume 24h Bs.2.55T 46.11%
BTC % 45.43% 2.2%
ETH % 19.1% 0.05%
Coins 23.035 +16
Exchanges 840
Last update 17 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h VES Capitalization VES
Jun-09 2023 Bs.708,376.79 Bs.704,359.80 Bs.709,606.68 Bs.707,491.86 Bs.198,767,178,820 Bs.13,740,353,407,890
Jun-05 2023 Bs.716,085.50 Bs.715,393.22 Bs.724,210.32 Bs.724,161.86 Bs.193,092,232,216 Bs.13,887,265,242,537
Jun-04 2023 Bs.722,809.17 Bs.720,267.88 Bs.723,172.12 Bs.722,763.86 Bs.147,547,621,747 Bs.14,016,972,805,868
Jun-03 2023 Bs.725,918.62 Bs.724,019.31 Bs.727,191.55 Bs.727,191.55 Bs.210,500,802,281 Bs.14,076,691,621,483
May-31 2023 Bs.724,481.67 Bs.722,658.55 Bs.742,237.52 Bs.739,590.26 Bs.350,671,651,420 Bs.14,046,807,758,264
May-30 2023 Bs.741,535.49 Bs.737,673.68 Bs.743,951.32 Bs.740,409.28 Bs.283,216,739,082 Bs.14,376,807,114,292
May-26 2023 Bs.704,756.28 Bs.703,695.03 Bs.708,089.94 Bs.707,004.82 Bs.283,535,143,984 Bs.13,661,031,048,595
May-25 2023 Bs.700,804.47 Bs.693,527.26 Bs.704,076.54 Bs.703,245.06 Bs.369,612,859,615 Bs.13,583,693,132,462
May-24 2023 Bs.714,296.86 Bs.713,781.85 Bs.726,595.04 Bs.726,595.04 Bs.279,259,770,627 Bs.13,844,622,478,706
May-22 2023 Bs.717,863.46 Bs.709,392.58 Bs.717,863.46 Bs.714,131.14 Bs.234,660,072,583 Bs.13,912,391,256,826
May-21 2023 Bs.723,382.70 Bs.722,958.23 Bs.726,947.53 Bs.723,961.42 Bs.166,165,484,075 Bs.14,018,695,281,318
May-19 2023 Bs.718,181.23 Bs.714,801.63 Bs.718,480.14 Bs.716,320.34 Bs.333,309,904,416 Bs.13,916,606,333,061
May-18 2023 Bs.725,558.05 Bs.725,184.51 Bs.732,136.69 Bs.731,179.30 Bs.338,257,420,376 Bs.14,058,956,856,404
May-16 2023 Bs.722,172.93 Bs.718,526.42 Bs.728,411.07 Bs.725,829.52 Bs.280,037,523,172 Bs.13,991,919,933,927
May-15 2023 Bs.733,499.78 Bs.714,571.78 Bs.733,499.78 Bs.718,499.26 Bs.274,791,444,764 Bs.14,210,696,345,431
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 26.67043 VES.