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Volume 24h S$53.31B -27.34%
BTC % 43.63% 0.13%
ETH % 18.93% 0%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h SGD Capitalization SGD
Jun-04 2023 S$36,597.89 S$36,469.22 S$36,616.27 S$36,595.60 S$7,470,757,255 S$709,719,343,747
Jun-03 2023 S$36,755.33 S$36,659.16 S$36,819.78 S$36,819.78 S$10,658,256,481 S$712,743,077,845
May-31 2023 S$36,682.57 S$36,590.27 S$37,581.60 S$37,447.57 S$17,755,506,682 S$711,229,972,549
May-30 2023 S$37,546.06 S$37,350.52 S$37,668.38 S$37,489.04 S$14,340,071,924 S$727,938,781,907
May-26 2023 S$35,683.82 S$35,630.09 S$35,852.62 S$35,797.67 S$14,356,193,674 S$691,696,996,562
May-25 2023 S$35,483.73 S$35,115.26 S$35,649.40 S$35,607.30 S$18,714,554,119 S$687,781,157,112
May-24 2023 S$36,166.89 S$36,140.81 S$36,789.58 S$36,789.58 S$14,139,719,317 S$700,992,754,719
May-22 2023 S$36,347.48 S$35,918.57 S$36,347.48 S$36,158.50 S$11,881,509,298 S$704,424,081,397
May-21 2023 S$36,626.93 S$36,605.44 S$36,807.43 S$36,656.23 S$8,413,432,768 S$709,806,557,595
May-19 2023 S$36,363.57 S$36,192.45 S$36,378.70 S$36,269.34 S$16,876,431,873 S$704,637,502,739
May-18 2023 S$36,737.07 S$36,718.16 S$37,070.17 S$37,021.69 S$17,126,938,729 S$711,845,116,066
May-16 2023 S$36,565.68 S$36,381.04 S$36,881.53 S$36,750.82 S$14,179,099,148 S$708,450,845,328
May-15 2023 S$37,139.19 S$36,180.81 S$37,139.19 S$36,379.67 S$13,913,475,224 S$719,528,119,527
May-14 2023 S$36,336.41 S$36,056.43 S$36,336.41 S$36,198.78 S$10,419,068,137 S$703,936,119,853
May-13 2023 S$36,159.03 S$36,108.25 S$36,453.38 S$36,218.95 S$19,408,590,542 S$700,467,652,372
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.3504 SGD.