Market Cap zł5.13T 1.8%
Volume 24h zł301.61B 36.67%
BTC % 44.19% 0.15%
ETH % 18.74% 0.96%
Coins 22.420 +83
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h PLN Capitalization PLN
May-26 2023 zł111,534.41 zł111,366.45 zł112,061.99 zł111,890.26 zł44,872,141,637 zł2,161,988,498,178
May-25 2023 zł110,908.99 zł109,757.30 zł111,426.83 zł111,295.24 zł58,494,761,371 zł2,149,749,035,098
May-24 2023 zł113,044.29 zł112,962.79 zł114,990.60 zł114,990.60 zł44,195,523,014 zł2,191,043,593,570
May-22 2023 zł113,608.74 zł112,268.14 zł113,608.74 zł113,018.07 zł37,137,195,289 zł2,201,768,649,263
May-21 2023 zł114,482.21 zł114,415.04 zł115,046.38 zł114,573.80 zł26,297,273,177 zł2,218,592,275,346
May-19 2023 zł113,659.03 zł113,124.18 zł113,706.34 zł113,364.53 zł52,749,472,358 zł2,202,435,725,292
May-18 2023 zł114,826.48 zł114,767.37 zł115,867.62 zł115,716.10 zł53,532,463,961 zł2,224,964,053,724
May-16 2023 zł114,290.76 zł113,713.66 zł115,278.00 zł114,869.45 zł44,318,609,774 zł2,214,354,821,168
May-15 2023 zł116,083.34 zł113,087.80 zł116,083.34 zł113,709.36 zł43,488,367,815 zł2,248,978,275,551
May-14 2023 zł113,574.14 zł112,699.02 zł113,574.14 zł113,143.97 zł32,566,146,139 zł2,200,243,462,295
May-13 2023 zł113,019.71 zł112,861.00 zł113,939.77 zł113,207.00 zł60,664,062,049 zł2,189,402,318,212
May-11 2023 zł116,214.65 zł115,905.09 zł116,727.26 zł116,727.26 zł75,661,824,148 zł2,251,082,148,509
May-08 2023 zł119,401.85 zł118,819.47 zł121,233.27 zł120,623.33 zł45,998,201,020 zł2,312,479,436,854
May-07 2023 zł122,267.94 zł121,783.22 zł123,106.61 zł122,172.72 zł55,608,016,155 zł2,367,873,056,216
May-06 2023 zł124,228.17 zł124,047.14 zł125,837.73 zł124,698.10 zł65,988,005,340 zł2,405,725,887,869
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.22085 PLN.