Market Cap zł10.47T -4.54%
Volume 24h zł718.76B 5.72%
BTC % 50.96% 0.03%
ETH % 16.1% -0.31%
Coins 27.650 +30
Exchanges 885
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h PLN Capitalization PLN
Jun-12 2024 zł276,404.09 zł270,981.70 zł283,239.04 zł272,680.29 zł139,730,458,986 zł5,448,331,243,321
Jun-11 2024 zł272,721.65 zł268,124.60 zł281,633.94 zł281,627.71 zł150,335,198,653 zł5,375,618,201,533
Jun-10 2024 zł281,574.87 zł280,563.23 zł284,032.02 zł282,022.72 zł83,393,975,300 zł5,550,014,760,615
Jun-09 2024 zł282,102.23 zł280,144.69 zł282,722.46 zł280,667.00 zł54,818,229,037 zł5,560,282,363,403
Jun-08 2024 zł280,716.10 zł280,331.18 zł281,587.34 zł280,593.50 zł57,767,557,613 zł5,532,836,174,813
Jun-07 2024 zł280,865.21 zł277,481.80 zł291,192.93 zł286,706.86 zł146,577,418,792 zł5,535,627,538,826
Jun-06 2024 zł286,603.00 zł284,485.26 zł289,919.84 zł288,045.89 zł102,163,854,890 zł5,648,493,746,733
Jun-05 2024 zł287,913.93 zł285,356.67 zł290,403.08 zł285,805.17 zł132,896,748,516 zł5,674,208,731,836
Jun-04 2024 zł285,830.04 zł277,822.70 zł287,566.38 zł278,668.42 zł134,269,530,885 zł5,633,067,947,004
Jun-03 2024 zł278,686.88 zł273,765.87 zł284,457.64 zł274,363.48 zł131,238,166,074 zł5,492,165,974,997
Jun-02 2024 zł274,430.37 zł272,880.89 zł276,734.16 zł274,239.51 zł69,304,727,318 zł5,408,207,142,996
Jun-01 2024 zł274,253.68 zł273,071.40 zł274,599.44 zł273,426.52 zł47,152,713,793 zł5,404,599,641,010
May-31 2024 zł273,359.92 zł270,241.31 zł279,299.97 zł276,809.25 zł110,929,454,180 zł5,386,876,577,781
May-30 2024 zł276,895.53 zł272,057.93 zł281,399.34 zł273,697.85 zł119,526,139,647 zł5,456,422,827,737
May-29 2024 zł273,710.18 zł272,101.05 zł278,862.58 zł276,760.72 zł108,174,328,097 zł5,393,512,870,425

Historical and market price analysis of Bitcoin (BTC), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Polish Zloty, analyzing 5080 days, from day 07-17-2010.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.0504 PLN.