Market Cap NZ$2.01T 1.8%
Volume 24h NZ$117.99B 36.67%
BTC % 44.19% 0.15%
ETH % 18.74% 0.96%
Coins 22.420 +83
Exchanges 839
Last update 52 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h NZD Capitalization NZD
May-26 2023 NZ$43,633.41 NZ$43,567.70 NZ$43,839.80 NZ$43,772.62 NZ$17,554,444,047 NZ$845,792,171,655
May-25 2023 NZ$43,388.74 NZ$42,938.19 NZ$43,591.32 NZ$43,539.84 NZ$22,883,753,217 NZ$841,003,967,617
May-24 2023 NZ$44,224.09 NZ$44,192.21 NZ$44,985.51 NZ$44,985.51 NZ$17,289,743,872 NZ$857,158,824,276
May-22 2023 NZ$44,444.91 NZ$43,920.45 NZ$44,444.91 NZ$44,213.83 NZ$14,528,453,356 NZ$861,354,576,545
May-21 2023 NZ$44,786.62 NZ$44,760.34 NZ$45,007.33 NZ$44,822.45 NZ$10,287,764,161 NZ$867,936,152,373
May-19 2023 NZ$44,464.58 NZ$44,255.34 NZ$44,483.09 NZ$44,349.37 NZ$20,636,136,971 NZ$861,615,543,559
May-18 2023 NZ$44,921.30 NZ$44,898.18 NZ$45,328.60 NZ$45,269.33 NZ$20,942,451,352 NZ$870,428,857,711
May-16 2023 NZ$44,711.72 NZ$44,485.96 NZ$45,097.94 NZ$44,938.11 NZ$17,337,896,680 NZ$866,278,416,647
May-15 2023 NZ$45,413.00 NZ$44,241.11 NZ$45,413.00 NZ$44,484.27 NZ$17,013,097,474 NZ$879,823,468,667
May-14 2023 NZ$44,431.37 NZ$44,089.02 NZ$44,431.37 NZ$44,263.09 NZ$12,740,211,841 NZ$860,757,907,691
May-13 2023 NZ$44,214.48 NZ$44,152.39 NZ$44,574.41 NZ$44,287.75 NZ$23,732,405,989 NZ$856,516,740,449
May-11 2023 NZ$45,464.37 NZ$45,343.27 NZ$45,664.90 NZ$45,664.90 NZ$29,599,685,017 NZ$880,646,525,440
May-08 2023 NZ$46,711.23 NZ$46,483.40 NZ$47,427.70 NZ$47,189.09 NZ$17,994,970,078 NZ$904,665,777,109
May-07 2023 NZ$47,832.48 NZ$47,642.85 NZ$48,160.57 NZ$47,795.23 NZ$21,754,428,751 NZ$926,336,331,627
May-06 2023 NZ$48,599.34 NZ$48,528.52 NZ$49,229.02 NZ$48,783.18 NZ$25,815,187,447 NZ$941,144,749,300
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.65124 NZD.