Market Cap MX$18.98T -5.71%
Volume 24h MX$1.67T 46.14%
BTC % 45.38% 2.07%
ETH % 19.1% 0.15%
Coins 23.036 +11
Exchanges 840
Last update 57 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MXN Capitalization MXN
Jun-09 2023 MX$459,000.57 MX$456,397.72 MX$459,797.50 MX$458,427.18 MX$128,793,391,185 MX$8,903,213,910,804
Jun-05 2023 MX$463,995.52 MX$463,546.95 MX$469,260.08 MX$469,228.68 MX$125,116,246,788 MX$8,998,407,058,393
Jun-04 2023 MX$468,352.20 MX$466,705.54 MX$468,587.37 MX$468,322.84 MX$95,605,112,870 MX$9,082,452,508,164
Jun-03 2023 MX$470,367.00 MX$469,136.31 MX$471,191.81 MX$471,191.81 MX$136,396,322,239 MX$9,121,147,975,023
May-31 2023 MX$469,435.91 MX$468,254.60 MX$480,941.01 MX$479,225.69 MX$227,221,573,738 MX$9,101,784,395,440
May-30 2023 MX$480,486.12 MX$477,983.81 MX$482,051.48 MX$479,756.38 MX$183,513,417,473 MX$9,315,611,126,815
May-26 2023 MX$456,654.63 MX$455,966.98 MX$458,814.71 MX$458,111.59 MX$183,719,731,450 MX$8,851,816,111,071
May-25 2023 MX$454,094.01 MX$449,378.65 MX$456,214.18 MX$455,675.41 MX$239,494,739,010 MX$8,801,704,153,226
May-24 2023 MX$462,836.55 MX$462,502.84 MX$470,805.29 MX$470,805.29 MX$180,949,456,013 MX$8,970,776,208,089
May-22 2023 MX$465,147.57 MX$459,658.76 MX$465,147.57 MX$462,729.17 MX$152,050,588,548 MX$9,014,687,737,157
May-21 2023 MX$468,723.82 MX$468,448.78 MX$471,033.69 MX$469,098.81 MX$107,668,762,614 MX$9,083,568,605,177
May-19 2023 MX$465,353.47 MX$463,163.62 MX$465,547.15 MX$464,147.69 MX$215,971,837,806 MX$9,017,418,942,408
May-18 2023 MX$470,133.36 MX$469,891.32 MX$474,396.06 MX$473,775.71 MX$219,177,635,474 MX$9,109,656,537,906
May-16 2023 MX$467,939.93 MX$465,577.14 MX$471,982.01 MX$470,309.26 MX$181,453,409,373 MX$9,066,219,222,793
May-15 2023 MX$475,279.29 MX$463,014.68 MX$475,279.29 MX$465,559.54 MX$178,054,154,865 MX$9,207,977,817,528
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 17.2814 MXN.