Market Cap CN¥7.83T -5.59%
Volume 24h CN¥687.18B 46.21%
BTC % 45.42% 2.13%
ETH % 19.11% 0.26%
Coins 23.035 +14
Exchanges 840
Last update 43 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CNY Capitalization CNY
Jun-09 2023 CN¥189,338.33 CN¥188,264.65 CN¥189,667.07 CN¥189,101.81 CN¥53,127,441,550 CN¥3,672,587,329,994
Jun-05 2023 CN¥191,398.76 CN¥191,213.72 CN¥193,570.40 CN¥193,557.44 CN¥51,610,614,699 CN¥3,711,854,627,314
Jun-04 2023 CN¥193,195.89 CN¥192,516.64 CN¥193,292.90 CN¥193,183.78 CN¥39,437,233,535 CN¥3,746,523,484,770
Jun-03 2023 CN¥194,027.00 CN¥193,519.34 CN¥194,367.23 CN¥194,367.23 CN¥56,263,660,509 CN¥3,762,485,415,230
May-31 2023 CN¥193,642.92 CN¥193,155.63 CN¥198,388.79 CN¥197,681.22 CN¥93,729,195,004 CN¥3,754,497,913,441
May-30 2023 CN¥198,201.15 CN¥197,168.95 CN¥198,846.86 CN¥197,900.13 CN¥75,699,523,638 CN¥3,842,701,718,530
May-26 2023 CN¥188,370.63 CN¥188,086.97 CN¥189,261.66 CN¥188,971.63 CN¥75,784,628,422 CN¥3,651,385,670,685
May-25 2023 CN¥187,314.37 CN¥185,369.28 CN¥188,188.94 CN¥187,966.70 CN¥98,791,891,659 CN¥3,630,714,422,830
May-24 2023 CN¥190,920.68 CN¥190,783.02 CN¥194,207.79 CN¥194,207.79 CN¥74,641,886,197 CN¥3,700,456,865,589
May-22 2023 CN¥191,873.98 CN¥189,609.84 CN¥191,873.98 CN¥190,876.38 CN¥62,721,065,743 CN¥3,718,570,428,501
May-21 2023 CN¥193,349.19 CN¥193,235.73 CN¥194,302.01 CN¥193,503.87 CN¥44,413,504,761 CN¥3,746,983,876,240
May-19 2023 CN¥191,958.91 CN¥191,055.60 CN¥192,038.80 CN¥191,461.52 CN¥89,088,664,286 CN¥3,719,697,054,223
May-18 2023 CN¥193,930.62 CN¥193,830.78 CN¥195,688.99 CN¥195,433.10 CN¥90,411,059,998 CN¥3,757,745,182,457
May-16 2023 CN¥193,025.83 CN¥192,051.17 CN¥194,693.19 CN¥194,003.18 CN¥74,849,767,615 CN¥3,739,827,233,419
May-15 2023 CN¥196,053.33 CN¥190,994.16 CN¥196,053.33 CN¥192,043.92 CN¥73,447,570,704 CN¥3,798,302,838,313
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.1286 CNY.