Market Cap CHF1.10T 0.06%
Volume 24h CHF37.10B -21.77%
BTC % 43.66% 0.29%
ETH % 18.92% -0.05%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 16 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CHF Capitalization CHF
Jun-04 2023 CHF24,636.37 CHF24,549.75 CHF24,648.74 CHF24,634.82 CHF5,029,041,154 CHF477,757,162,500
Jun-03 2023 CHF24,742.35 CHF24,677.61 CHF24,785.73 CHF24,785.73 CHF7,174,749,312 CHF479,792,629,950
May-31 2023 CHF24,693.37 CHF24,631.23 CHF25,298.56 CHF25,208.33 CHF11,952,359,149 CHF478,774,062,682
May-30 2023 CHF25,274.64 CHF25,143.01 CHF25,356.98 CHF25,236.25 CHF9,653,213,109 CHF490,021,823,389
May-26 2023 CHF24,021.05 CHF23,984.88 CHF24,134.67 CHF24,097.69 CHF9,664,065,682 CHF465,625,176,063
May-25 2023 CHF23,886.35 CHF23,638.31 CHF23,997.88 CHF23,969.54 CHF12,597,954,885 CHF462,989,175,845
May-24 2023 CHF24,346.23 CHF24,328.68 CHF24,765.40 CHF24,765.40 CHF9,518,343,045 CHF471,882,741,225
May-22 2023 CHF24,467.79 CHF24,179.07 CHF24,467.79 CHF24,340.58 CHF7,998,198,469 CHF474,192,585,125
May-21 2023 CHF24,655.91 CHF24,641.45 CHF24,777.42 CHF24,675.64 CHF5,663,615,909 CHF477,815,871,680
May-19 2023 CHF24,478.63 CHF24,363.43 CHF24,488.81 CHF24,415.20 CHF11,360,598,067 CHF474,336,252,584
May-18 2023 CHF24,730.06 CHF24,717.33 CHF24,954.29 CHF24,921.65 CHF11,529,230,141 CHF479,188,154,850
May-16 2023 CHF24,614.68 CHF24,490.39 CHF24,827.30 CHF24,739.31 CHF9,544,852,110 CHF476,903,255,656
May-15 2023 CHF25,000.75 CHF24,355.60 CHF25,000.75 CHF24,489.47 CHF9,366,043,778 CHF484,360,072,404
May-14 2023 CHF24,460.34 CHF24,271.87 CHF24,460.34 CHF24,367.70 CHF7,013,736,448 CHF473,864,107,221
May-13 2023 CHF24,340.94 CHF24,306.75 CHF24,539.09 CHF24,381.27 CHF13,065,154,878 CHF471,529,261,487
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 0.90904 CHF.