Market Cap CA$3.43T -0.71%
Volume 24h CA$188.16B 0.13%
BTC % 50.53% -0.53%
ETH % 17.2% 0.75%
Coins 27.784 +14
Exchanges 885
Last update 11 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CAD Capitalization CAD
Jun-20 2024 CA$88,773.11 CA$88,406.81 CA$90,956.79 CA$88,889.55 CA$35,111,652,779 CA$1,750,140,929,556
Jun-19 2024 CA$88,940.91 CA$88,608.75 CA$89,890.76 CA$89,128.41 CA$28,897,972,976 CA$1,753,429,589,247
Jun-18 2024 CA$89,200.47 CA$87,800.08 CA$91,139.41 CA$91,139.41 CA$54,063,698,915 CA$1,758,512,685,668
Jun-17 2024 CA$91,048.48 CA$89,138.89 CA$92,004.32 CA$91,249.29 CA$41,089,201,501 CA$1,794,904,781,727
Jun-16 2024 CA$91,233.46 CA$90,407.68 CA$91,548.10 CA$90,596.24 CA$18,156,455,324 CA$1,798,508,701,790
Jun-15 2024 CA$90,634.79 CA$90,205.20 CA$90,909.70 CA$90,391.14 CA$19,351,823,700 CA$1,786,636,172,116
Jun-14 2024 CA$90,392.29 CA$89,090.69 CA$92,149.93 CA$91,508.71 CA$37,525,509,622 CA$1,781,827,758,774
Jun-13 2024 CA$91,412.87 CA$90,794.15 CA$93,607.44 CA$93,428.69 CA$39,649,808,797 CA$1,801,920,758,785
Jun-12 2024 CA$93,446.06 CA$91,612.87 CA$95,756.80 CA$92,187.13 CA$47,239,755,089 CA$1,841,959,408,464
Jun-11 2024 CA$92,201.11 CA$90,646.95 CA$95,214.16 CA$95,212.05 CA$50,824,981,305 CA$1,817,376,749,029
Jun-10 2024 CA$95,194.19 CA$94,852.18 CA$96,024.90 CA$95,345.59 CA$28,193,645,091 CA$1,876,336,340,225
Jun-09 2024 CA$95,372.47 CA$94,710.67 CA$95,582.16 CA$94,887.26 CA$18,532,821,927 CA$1,879,807,587,973
Jun-08 2024 CA$94,903.86 CA$94,773.72 CA$95,198.40 CA$94,862.41 CA$19,529,924,209 CA$1,870,528,643,092
Jun-07 2024 CA$94,954.27 CA$93,810.41 CA$98,445.84 CA$96,929.20 CA$49,554,559,654 CA$1,871,472,341,075
Jun-06 2024 CA$96,894.08 CA$96,178.13 CA$98,015.44 CA$97,381.89 CA$34,539,323,201 CA$1,909,629,891,391

Historical and market price analysis of Bitcoin (BTC), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Canadian Dollar, analyzing 5088 days, from day 07-17-2010.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.36935 CAD.