Market Cap R$5.35T -5.35%
Volume 24h R$467.02B 46.36%
BTC % 45.44% 2.22%
ETH % 19.1% 0.15%
Coins 23.035 +16
Exchanges 840
Last update 27 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BRL Capitalization BRL
Jun-09 2023 R$129,398.46 R$128,664.68 R$129,623.12 R$129,236.81 R$36,308,595,992 R$2,509,936,216,018
Jun-05 2023 R$130,806.60 R$130,680.14 R$132,290.75 R$132,281.90 R$35,271,959,336 R$2,536,772,449,657
Jun-04 2023 R$132,034.81 R$131,570.59 R$132,101.11 R$132,026.53 R$26,952,372,215 R$2,560,465,996,761
Jun-03 2023 R$132,602.81 R$132,255.86 R$132,835.33 R$132,835.33 R$38,451,964,914 R$2,571,374,771,349
May-31 2023 R$132,340.32 R$132,007.29 R$135,583.76 R$135,100.19 R$64,056,829,668 R$2,565,915,916,810
May-30 2023 R$135,455.53 R$134,750.09 R$135,896.82 R$135,249.80 R$51,734,910,253 R$2,626,196,559,554
May-26 2023 R$128,737.11 R$128,543.25 R$129,346.06 R$129,147.84 R$51,793,072,949 R$2,495,446,482,281
May-25 2023 R$128,015.23 R$126,685.91 R$128,612.94 R$128,461.05 R$67,516,800,676 R$2,481,319,244,733
May-24 2023 R$130,479.87 R$130,385.80 R$132,726.37 R$132,726.37 R$51,012,094,898 R$2,528,982,939,874
May-22 2023 R$131,131.38 R$129,584.01 R$131,131.38 R$130,449.60 R$42,865,113,956 R$2,541,362,192,828
May-21 2023 R$132,139.57 R$132,062.04 R$132,790.76 R$132,245.29 R$30,353,277,965 R$2,560,780,639,579
May-19 2023 R$131,189.43 R$130,572.08 R$131,244.03 R$130,849.50 R$60,885,377,211 R$2,542,132,156,466
May-18 2023 R$132,536.94 R$132,468.71 R$133,738.66 R$133,563.77 R$61,789,134,860 R$2,568,135,180,064
May-16 2023 R$131,918.59 R$131,252.48 R$133,058.10 R$132,586.53 R$51,154,166,155 R$2,555,889,614,427
May-15 2023 R$133,987.65 R$130,530.09 R$133,987.65 R$131,247.52 R$50,195,870,411 R$2,595,853,276,361
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.87186 BRL.