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Volume 24h Tk5.58T -11.64%
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ETH % 19.12% 0%
Coins 23.035 +32
Exchanges 840
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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BDT Capitalization BDT
Jun-09 2023 Tk2,873,659.28 Tk2,857,363.63 Tk2,878,648.57 Tk2,870,069.43 Tk806,335,211,817 Tk55,740,242,636,466
Jun-05 2023 Tk2,904,931.07 Tk2,902,122.71 Tk2,937,890.89 Tk2,937,694.29 Tk783,313,758,783 Tk56,336,217,213,416
Jun-04 2023 Tk2,932,206.87 Tk2,921,897.67 Tk2,933,679.24 Tk2,932,023.06 Tk598,553,762,952 Tk56,862,399,534,728
Jun-03 2023 Tk2,944,820.92 Tk2,937,115.99 Tk2,949,984.78 Tk2,949,984.78 Tk853,934,789,447 Tk57,104,659,771,677
May-31 2023 Tk2,938,991.66 Tk2,931,595.86 Tk3,011,021.50 Tk3,000,282.40 Tk1,422,563,332,664 Tk56,983,430,445,381
May-30 2023 Tk3,008,173.60 Tk2,992,507.43 Tk3,017,973.83 Tk3,003,604.92 Tk1,148,920,212,351 Tk58,322,132,851,994
May-26 2023 Tk2,858,972.04 Tk2,854,666.88 Tk2,872,495.64 Tk2,868,093.64 Tk1,150,211,879,745 Tk55,418,457,059,171
May-25 2023 Tk2,842,940.81 Tk2,813,419.45 Tk2,856,214.53 Tk2,852,841.47 Tk1,499,401,788,650 Tk55,104,721,736,483
May-24 2023 Tk2,897,675.13 Tk2,895,585.88 Tk2,947,564.91 Tk2,947,564.91 Tk1,132,868,050,136 Tk56,163,229,086,250
May-22 2023 Tk2,912,143.69 Tk2,877,780.01 Tk2,912,143.69 Tk2,897,002.84 Tk951,941,263,415 Tk56,438,145,460,190
May-21 2023 Tk2,934,533.50 Tk2,932,811.55 Tk2,948,994.86 Tk2,936,881.17 Tk674,080,507,626 Tk56,869,387,069,667
May-19 2023 Tk2,913,432.78 Tk2,899,722.82 Tk2,914,645.34 Tk2,905,883.75 Tk1,352,132,248,260 Tk56,455,244,683,559
May-18 2023 Tk2,943,358.17 Tk2,941,842.88 Tk2,970,045.63 Tk2,966,161.80 Tk1,372,202,746,584 Tk57,032,715,471,610
May-16 2023 Tk2,929,625.83 Tk2,914,833.09 Tk2,954,931.98 Tk2,944,459.46 Tk1,136,023,144,789 Tk56,760,768,003,189
May-15 2023 Tk2,975,575.26 Tk2,898,790.37 Tk2,975,575.26 Tk2,914,722.94 Tk1,114,741,473,591 Tk57,648,274,306,585
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 108.19345 BDT.