Market Cap AU$1.71T -0.57%
Volume 24h AU$76.64B -9.15%
BTC % 44.45% 0.31%
ETH % 19.11% -0.05%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h AUD Capitalization AUD
Jun-09 2023 AU$39,401.26 AU$39,177.83 AU$39,469.67 AU$39,352.04 AU$11,055,808,215 AU$764,264,568,155
Jun-05 2023 AU$39,830.04 AU$39,791.53 AU$40,281.95 AU$40,279.26 AU$10,740,156,900 AU$772,436,083,584
Jun-04 2023 AU$40,204.02 AU$40,062.67 AU$40,224.21 AU$40,201.50 AU$8,206,879,115 AU$779,650,664,747
Jun-03 2023 AU$40,376.97 AU$40,271.33 AU$40,447.78 AU$40,447.78 AU$11,708,454,650 AU$782,972,338,759
May-31 2023 AU$40,297.05 AU$40,195.64 AU$41,284.66 AU$41,137.42 AU$19,505,023,654 AU$781,310,141,497
May-30 2023 AU$41,245.61 AU$41,030.81 AU$41,379.99 AU$41,182.97 AU$15,753,053,241 AU$799,665,332,796
May-26 2023 AU$39,199.88 AU$39,140.85 AU$39,385.31 AU$39,324.95 AU$15,770,763,527 AU$759,852,507,790
May-25 2023 AU$38,980.08 AU$38,575.30 AU$39,162.08 AU$39,115.83 AU$20,558,569,649 AU$755,550,825,925
May-24 2023 AU$39,730.55 AU$39,701.90 AU$40,414.60 AU$40,414.60 AU$15,532,959,136 AU$770,064,212,023
May-22 2023 AU$39,928.93 AU$39,457.76 AU$39,928.93 AU$39,721.33 AU$13,052,239,176 AU$773,833,640,247
May-21 2023 AU$40,235.92 AU$40,212.31 AU$40,434.20 AU$40,268.11 AU$9,242,439,998 AU$779,746,472,105
May-19 2023 AU$39,946.60 AU$39,758.63 AU$39,963.23 AU$39,843.10 AU$18,539,330,292 AU$774,068,090,797
May-18 2023 AU$40,356.92 AU$40,336.14 AU$40,722.83 AU$40,669.58 AU$18,814,520,532 AU$781,985,897,423
May-16 2023 AU$40,168.63 AU$39,965.80 AU$40,515.61 AU$40,372.02 AU$15,576,219,211 AU$778,257,176,400
May-15 2023 AU$40,798.65 AU$39,745.84 AU$40,798.65 AU$39,964.29 AU$15,284,422,360 AU$790,425,936,162
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.48346 AUD.