Market Cap S$1.64T 1.67%
Volume 24h S$97.03B 36.96%
BTC % 44.15% 0.04%
ETH % 18.71% 0.74%
Coins 22.420 +83
Exchanges 839
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h SGD Capitalization SGD
May-26 2023 S$0.624050 S$0.613147 S$0.631925 S$0.615243 S$2,145,367,570 S$32,371,463,381
May-25 2023 S$0.612530 S$0.603712 S$0.615083 S$0.614393 S$1,246,371,815 S$31,773,839,685
May-24 2023 S$0.623635 S$0.618743 S$0.630207 S$0.630207 S$982,796,402 S$32,349,889,899
May-22 2023 S$0.631686 S$0.611944 S$0.632078 S$0.619640 S$1,053,456,071 S$32,767,545,446
May-21 2023 S$0.637155 S$0.634237 S$0.637676 S$0.634962 S$612,456,234 S$33,051,248,082
May-19 2023 S$0.626798 S$0.620235 S$0.633725 S$0.623274 S$2,439,612,683 S$32,491,819,864
May-18 2023 S$0.604176 S$0.600693 S$0.608932 S$0.607420 S$2,390,769,649 S$31,319,184,247
May-16 2023 S$0.572831 S$0.571672 S$0.580204 S$0.579491 S$1,650,142,052 S$29,694,323,784
May-15 2023 S$0.581884 S$0.573079 S$0.583145 S$0.57660 S$706,858,085 S$30,163,619,411
May-14 2023 S$0.578906 S$0.573282 S$0.579056 S$0.575478 S$756,037,024 S$30,009,228,944
May-13 2023 S$0.578098 S$0.57660 S$0.583712 S$0.583712 S$1,008,166,304 S$29,967,316,252
May-11 2023 S$0.578274 S$0.578274 S$0.584018 S$0.583965 S$1,396,485,205 S$29,976,440,020
May-08 2023 S$0.597816 S$0.590561 S$0.613062 S$0.609985 S$1,012,932,050 S$30,989,458,694
May-07 2023 S$0.621530 S$0.618538 S$0.624257 S$0.622540 S$965,105,202 S$32,218,747,811
May-06 2023 S$0.629983 S$0.628152 S$0.635072 S$0.632986 S$1,154,015,030 S$32,656,947,568
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.35356 SGD.