Market Cap zł5.07T 0.09%
Volume 24h zł166.54B -26.91%
BTC % 43.64% 0.18%
ETH % 18.93% 0.05%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h PLN Capitalization PLN
Jun-04 2023 zł2.1918 zł2.1618 zł2.1953 zł2.1756 zł3,672,350,851 zł113,944,105,023
Jun-03 2023 zł2.2035 zł2.1788 zł2.2066 zł2.2026 zł10,039,311,653 zł114,552,752,101
May-31 2023 zł2.1696 zł2.1451 zł2.2126 zł2.1874 zł13,410,542,947 zł112,781,920,993
May-30 2023 zł2.0927 zł2.0568 zł2.1157 zł2.0747 zł4,039,341,710 zł108,787,195,692
May-26 2023 zł1.9331 zł1.8993 zł1.9575 zł1.9058 zł6,645,494,617 zł100,273,905,812
May-25 2023 zł1.8974 zł1.8701 zł1.9053 zł1.9031 zł3,860,763,677 zł98,422,705,528
May-24 2023 zł1.9318 zł1.9166 zł1.9521 zł1.9521 zł3,044,311,982 zł100,207,079,754
May-22 2023 zł1.9567 zł1.8956 zł1.9579 zł1.9194 zł3,263,187,506 zł101,500,810,361
May-21 2023 zł1.9737 zł1.9646 zł1.9753 zł1.9669 zł1,897,145,582 zł102,379,608,177
May-19 2023 zł1.9416 zł1.9212 zł1.9630 zł1.9307 zł7,556,948,833 zł100,646,722,280
May-18 2023 zł1.8715 zł1.8607 zł1.8862 zł1.8815 zł7,405,652,559 zł97,014,363,987
May-16 2023 zł1.7744 zł1.7708 zł1.7972 zł1.7950 zł5,111,483,122 zł91,981,193,163
May-15 2023 zł1.8024 zł1.7752 zł1.8064 zł1.7861 zł2,189,564,932 zł93,434,884,180
May-14 2023 zł1.7932 zł1.7758 zł1.7937 zł1.7826 zł2,341,901,705 zł92,956,643,979
May-13 2023 zł1.7907 zł1.7861 zł1.8081 zł1.8081 zł3,122,897,839 zł92,826,815,146
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.19279 PLN.