Market Cap NZ$4.19T -4.66%
Volume 24h NZ$288.31B 5.85%
BTC % 50.94% 0%
ETH % 16.07% -0.49%
Coins 27.651 +31
Exchanges 885
Last update 51 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h NZD Capitalization NZD
Jun-12 2024 NZ$0.797567 NZ$0.771101 NZ$0.80729 NZ$0.779384 NZ$2,037,534,606 NZ$44,269,931,227
Jun-11 2024 NZ$0.779361 NZ$0.767247 NZ$0.805818 NZ$0.805814 NZ$2,461,873,742 NZ$43,259,378,951
Jun-10 2024 NZ$0.805824 NZ$0.801902 NZ$0.81955 NZ$0.808979 NZ$1,813,198,606 NZ$44,728,195,693
Jun-09 2024 NZ$0.808995 NZ$0.798076 NZ$0.80971 NZ$0.799948 NZ$1,031,890,894 NZ$44,904,230,868
Jun-08 2024 NZ$0.800172 NZ$0.797643 NZ$0.812089 NZ$0.808923 NZ$1,338,925,050 NZ$44,414,510,306
Jun-07 2024 NZ$0.809593 NZ$0.768609 NZ$0.855649 NZ$0.846169 NZ$3,995,887,370 NZ$44,937,401,855
Jun-06 2024 NZ$0.846303 NZ$0.840541 NZ$0.856041 NZ$0.853198 NZ$1,937,860,548 NZ$46,975,067,473
Jun-05 2024 NZ$0.853005 NZ$0.851329 NZ$0.860619 NZ$0.85307 NZ$1,872,511,551 NZ$47,299,476,874
Jun-04 2024 NZ$0.8531 NZ$0.841499 NZ$0.859649 NZ$0.843468 NZ$1,890,654,208 NZ$47,304,717,978
Jun-03 2024 NZ$0.843908 NZ$0.832878 NZ$0.847543 NZ$0.833004 NZ$1,782,645,402 NZ$46,795,038,814
Jun-02 2024 NZ$0.83317 NZ$0.826616 NZ$0.84251 NZ$0.84104 NZ$1,198,695,254 NZ$46,199,585,821
Jun-01 2024 NZ$0.841009 NZ$0.839786 NZ$0.845792 NZ$0.839786 NZ$908,197,912 NZ$46,634,282,906
May-31 2024 NZ$0.840177 NZ$0.831973 NZ$0.849617 NZ$0.841528 NZ$1,980,065,781 NZ$46,588,123,683
May-30 2024 NZ$0.841898 NZ$0.833554 NZ$0.855602 NZ$0.84893 NZ$2,157,183,866 NZ$46,683,600,251
May-29 2024 NZ$0.849017 NZ$0.844589 NZ$0.862543 NZ$0.857181 NZ$1,921,829,061 NZ$47,061,453,264

Historical and market price analysis of Ripple (XRP), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in New Zealand Dollar, analyzing 3966 days, from day 08-04-2013.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.62259 NZD.