Market Cap RM5.52T 0.39%
Volume 24h RM273.56B -15.37%
BTC % 43.72% -0.2%
ETH % 18.83% 0.37%
Coins 22.755 +69
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MYR Capitalization MYR
May-31 2023 RM2.3873 RM2.3603 RM2.4346 RM2.4069 RM14,756,174,262 RM124,098,605,583
May-30 2023 RM2.3027 RM2.2632 RM2.3279 RM2.2829 RM4,444,654,509 RM119,703,044,351
May-26 2023 RM2.1270 RM2.0899 RM2.1539 RM2.0970 RM7,312,312,187 RM110,335,519,896
May-25 2023 RM2.0878 RM2.0577 RM2.0965 RM2.0941 RM4,248,157,724 RM108,298,567,768
May-24 2023 RM2.1256 RM2.1089 RM2.1480 RM2.1480 RM3,349,782,204 RM110,261,988,424
May-22 2023 RM2.1531 RM2.0858 RM2.1544 RM2.1120 RM3,590,619,984 RM111,685,533,643
May-21 2023 RM2.1717 RM2.1617 RM2.1735 RM2.1642 RM2,087,507,636 RM112,652,511,174
May-19 2023 RM2.1364 RM2.1140 RM2.1600 RM2.1244 RM8,315,222,904 RM110,745,745,252
May-18 2023 RM2.0593 RM2.0474 RM2.0755 RM2.0703 RM8,148,745,366 RM106,748,911,406
May-16 2023 RM1.9524 RM1.9485 RM1.9776 RM1.9751 RM5,624,375,985 RM101,210,705,677
May-15 2023 RM1.9833 RM1.9533 RM1.9876 RM1.9653 RM2,409,268,724 RM102,810,261,942
May-14 2023 RM1.9732 RM1.9540 RM1.9737 RM1.9615 RM2,576,891,167 RM102,284,034,496
May-13 2023 RM1.9704 RM1.9653 RM1.9895 RM1.9895 RM3,436,253,468 RM102,141,178,470
May-11 2023 RM1.9710 RM1.9710 RM1.9906 RM1.9904 RM4,759,807,095 RM102,172,276,094
May-08 2023 RM2.0376 RM2.0129 RM2.0896 RM2.0791 RM3,452,497,127 RM105,625,068,476
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.6135 MYR.