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Volume 24h MX$695.77B -27.18%
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ETH % 18.94% 0%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MXN Capitalization MXN
Jun-04 2023 MX$9.178 MX$9.052 MX$9.193 MX$9.110 MX$15,377,261,375 MX$477,118,978,018
Jun-03 2023 MX$9.227 MX$9.123 MX$9.240 MX$9.223 MX$42,037,682,554 MX$479,667,570,343
May-31 2023 MX$9.085 MX$8.982 MX$9.265 MX$9.160 MX$56,154,063,821 MX$472,252,556,391
May-30 2023 MX$8.763 MX$8.612 MX$8.859 MX$8.687 MX$16,913,964,860 MX$455,525,414,145
May-26 2023 MX$8.094 MX$7.953 MX$8.196 MX$7.980 MX$27,826,727,845 MX$419,877,653,636
May-25 2023 MX$7.945 MX$7.831 MX$7.978 MX$7.969 MX$16,166,203,767 MX$412,126,109,248
May-24 2023 MX$8.089 MX$8.025 MX$8.174 MX$8.174 MX$12,747,469,658 MX$419,597,832,398
May-22 2023 MX$8.193 MX$7.937 MX$8.198 MX$8.037 MX$13,663,968,731 MX$425,015,079,960
May-21 2023 MX$8.264 MX$8.226 MX$8.271 MX$8.236 MX$7,943,931,464 MX$428,694,876,432
May-19 2023 MX$8.130 MX$8.045 MX$8.220 MX$8.084 MX$31,643,266,699 MX$421,438,750,737
May-18 2023 MX$7.837 MX$7.791 MX$7.898 MX$7.879 MX$31,009,742,714 MX$406,228,950,492
May-16 2023 MX$7.430 MX$7.415 MX$7.526 MX$7.516 MX$21,403,350,379 MX$385,153,517,769
May-15 2023 MX$7.547 MX$7.433 MX$7.564 MX$7.479 MX$9,168,381,133 MX$391,240,568,717
May-14 2023 MX$7.509 MX$7.436 MX$7.511 MX$7.464 MX$9,806,262,009 MX$389,238,030,050
May-13 2023 MX$7.498 MX$7.479 MX$7.571 MX$7.571 MX$13,076,532,788 MX$388,694,396,837
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 17.5565 MXN.