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Volume 24h Rp601.16T -24.15%
BTC % 43.63% 0.2%
ETH % 18.93% -0.05%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 31 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
Jun-04 2023 Rp7,789.96 Rp7,683.29 Rp7,802.62 Rp7,732.54 Rp13,052,169,355,181 Rp404,977,034,063,059
Jun-03 2023 Rp7,831.58 Rp7,743.86 Rp7,842.63 Rp7,828.55 Rp35,681,447,990,776 Rp407,140,270,924,784
May-31 2023 Rp7,711.05 Rp7,624.00 Rp7,863.97 Rp7,774.56 Rp47,663,386,418,057 Rp400,846,431,241,051
May-30 2023 Rp7,437.92 Rp7,310.24 Rp7,519.40 Rp7,373.80 Rp14,356,518,266,945 Rp386,648,487,400,227
May-26 2023 Rp6,870.43 Rp6,750.39 Rp6,957.12 Rp6,773.46 Rp23,619,235,934,065 Rp356,390,784,422,661
May-25 2023 Rp6,743.59 Rp6,646.51 Rp6,771.71 Rp6,764.10 Rp13,721,821,087,225 Rp349,811,298,801,323
May-24 2023 Rp6,865.85 Rp6,811.99 Rp6,938.21 Rp6,938.21 Rp10,820,010,714,193 Rp356,153,273,067,540
May-22 2023 Rp6,954.49 Rp6,737.15 Rp6,958.80 Rp6,821.87 Rp11,597,932,141,080 Rp360,751,415,148,747
May-21 2023 Rp7,014.70 Rp6,982.57 Rp7,020.43 Rp6,990.56 Rp6,742,783,145,058 Rp363,874,814,405,376
May-19 2023 Rp6,900.67 Rp6,828.42 Rp6,976.94 Rp6,861.88 Rp26,858,701,678,832 Rp357,715,838,555,852
May-18 2023 Rp6,651.63 Rp6,613.27 Rp6,703.98 Rp6,687.34 Rp26,320,968,584,383 Rp344,805,809,662,454
May-16 2023 Rp6,306.54 Rp6,293.77 Rp6,387.70 Rp6,379.85 Rp18,167,094,068,842 Rp326,917,051,031,626
May-15 2023 Rp6,406.21 Rp6,309.27 Rp6,420.08 Rp6,348.02 Rp7,782,092,034,382 Rp332,083,720,044,812
May-14 2023 Rp6,373.42 Rp6,311.50 Rp6,375.06 Rp6,335.68 Rp8,323,523,243,942 Rp330,383,971,748,220
May-13 2023 Rp6,364.51 Rp6,348.03 Rp6,426.33 Rp6,426.33 Rp11,099,318,426,672 Rp329,922,537,648,432
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 14901.9 IDR.