Market Cap Rp43,258.25T 6.27%
Volume 24h Rp3,200.42T 52.19%
BTC % 50.9% -1.92%
ETH % 16.22% 10.04%
Coins 27.207 +12
Exchanges 885
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
May-19 2024 Rp8,174.96 Rp8,140.01 Rp8,396.68 Rp8,363.60 Rp9,029,088,722,059 Rp451,985,170,599,754
May-18 2024 Rp8,363.10 Rp8,338.76 Rp8,431.07 Rp8,400.29 Rp7,969,480,228,272 Rp462,387,306,607,203
May-17 2024 Rp8,401.81 Rp8,244.88 Rp8,482.10 Rp8,273.79 Rp16,284,433,628,868 Rp464,527,427,746,694
May-16 2024 Rp8,271.80 Rp8,236.97 Rp8,359.25 Rp8,323.94 Rp18,481,483,738,475 Rp457,339,491,533,114
May-15 2024 Rp8,324.93 Rp7,985.02 Rp8,333.59 Rp8,022.14 Rp17,934,289,851,656 Rp460,861,759,979,093
May-14 2024 Rp8,018.20 Rp7,989.40 Rp8,197.78 Rp8,100.07 Rp17,282,373,123,422 Rp443,881,399,080,149
May-13 2024 Rp8,098.61 Rp7,836.40 Rp8,199.52 Rp8,010.59 Rp15,904,062,705,111 Rp448,332,841,212,739
May-12 2024 Rp8,011.58 Rp8,000.56 Rp8,157.52 Rp8,114.96 Rp6,368,306,302,310 Rp443,514,489,735,267
May-11 2024 Rp8,115.84 Rp8,038.38 Rp8,136.97 Rp8,055.91 Rp7,185,798,172,159 Rp449,286,643,138,333
May-10 2024 Rp8,057.49 Rp8,002.19 Rp8,351.54 Rp8,351.54 Rp17,649,612,042,703 Rp446,056,481,142,583
May-09 2024 Rp8,357.33 Rp8,188.92 Rp8,393.16 Rp8,293.33 Rp15,687,262,041,452 Rp462,655,083,420,957
May-08 2024 Rp8,296.26 Rp8,273.13 Rp8,482.78 Rp8,422.61 Rp17,999,578,103,867 Rp459,274,366,615,316
May-07 2024 Rp8,416.89 Rp8,394.20 Rp8,720.57 Rp8,663.93 Rp18,173,150,621,746 Rp464,914,917,243,608
May-06 2024 Rp8,670.38 Rp8,458.51 Rp9,114.23 Rp8,498.13 Rp28,461,181,891,696 Rp478,916,533,753,433
May-05 2024 Rp8,497.80 Rp8,418.60 Rp8,551.16 Rp8,507.81 Rp8,593,982,806,621 Rp469,383,905,961,595

Historical and market price analysis of Ripple (XRP), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Indonesian Rupiah, analyzing 3942 days, from day 08-04-2013.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 16039.98914 IDR.