Market Cap CL$960.63T 0.4%
Volume 24h CL$47.52T -13.99%
BTC % 43.64% -0.48%
ETH % 18.82% 0.26%
Coins 22.755 +65
Exchanges 839
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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CLP Capitalization CLP
May-31 2023 CL$415.63 CL$410.94 CL$423.88 CL$419.06 CL$2,569,099,387,527 CL$21,605,983,090,693
May-30 2023 CL$400.91 CL$394.03 CL$405.30 CL$397.45 CL$773,829,244,173 CL$20,840,701,150,680
May-26 2023 CL$370.32 CL$363.85 CL$375.00 CL$365.10 CL$1,273,098,055,598 CL$19,209,783,752,034
May-25 2023 CL$363.49 CL$358.25 CL$365.00 CL$364.59 CL$739,618,495,458 CL$18,855,143,560,677
May-24 2023 CL$370.08 CL$367.17 CL$373.98 CL$373.98 CL$583,208,307,002 CL$19,196,981,676,419
May-22 2023 CL$374.85 CL$363.14 CL$375.09 CL$367.70 CL$625,138,971,429 CL$19,444,825,669,311
May-21 2023 CL$378.10 CL$376.37 CL$378.41 CL$376.80 CL$363,442,074,725 CL$19,613,179,697,848
May-19 2023 CL$371.95 CL$368.06 CL$376.06 CL$369.86 CL$1,447,708,172,215 CL$19,281,205,361,320
May-18 2023 CL$358.53 CL$356.46 CL$361.35 CL$360.45 CL$1,418,723,874,887 CL$18,585,343,195,085
May-16 2023 CL$339.93 CL$339.24 CL$344.30 CL$343.88 CL$979,222,706,419 CL$17,621,123,019,057
May-15 2023 CL$345.30 CL$340.08 CL$346.05 CL$342.16 CL$419,461,758,421 CL$17,899,611,124,810
May-14 2023 CL$343.53 CL$340.20 CL$343.62 CL$341.50 CL$448,645,387,479 CL$17,807,993,163,186
May-13 2023 CL$343.05 CL$342.16 CL$346.38 CL$346.38 CL$598,263,243,862 CL$17,783,121,450,279
May-11 2023 CL$343.16 CL$343.16 CL$346.57 CL$346.53 CL$828,698,365,532 CL$17,788,535,650,881
May-08 2023 CL$354.75 CL$350.45 CL$363.80 CL$361.98 CL$601,091,319,207 CL$18,389,678,374,933
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 803.22581 CLP.