Market Cap Tk130.30T 0.14%
Volume 24h Tk4.28T -33.14%
BTC % 43.62% -0.04%
ETH % 18.94% -0.05%
Coins 22.809 +15
Exchanges 839
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BDT Capitalization BDT
Jun-04 2023 Tk56.29 Tk55.52 Tk56.38 Tk55.88 Tk94,319,741,034 Tk2,926,511,902,980
Jun-03 2023 Tk56.59 Tk55.96 Tk56.67 Tk56.57 Tk257,847,170,278 Tk2,942,144,242,329
May-31 2023 Tk55.72 Tk55.09 Tk56.83 Tk56.18 Tk344,433,031,892 Tk2,896,662,658,929
May-30 2023 Tk53.75 Tk52.83 Tk54.34 Tk53.29 Tk103,745,442,481 Tk2,794,063,133,145
May-26 2023 Tk49.65 Tk48.78 Tk50.27 Tk48.95 Tk170,681,222,110 Tk2,575,409,924,512
May-25 2023 Tk48.73 Tk48.03 Tk48.93 Tk48.88 Tk99,158,888,936 Tk2,527,864,159,279
May-24 2023 Tk49.62 Tk49.23 Tk50.14 Tk50.14 Tk78,189,347,746 Tk2,573,693,580,746
May-22 2023 Tk50.26 Tk48.69 Tk50.29 Tk49.30 Tk83,810,891,991 Tk2,606,921,434,181
May-21 2023 Tk50.69 Tk50.46 Tk50.73 Tk50.52 Tk48,725,812,758 Tk2,629,492,257,544
May-19 2023 Tk49.87 Tk49.34 Tk50.42 Tk49.59 Tk194,090,784,292 Tk2,584,985,249,448
May-18 2023 Tk48.07 Tk47.79 Tk48.45 Tk48.33 Tk190,204,928,629 Tk2,491,692,667,286
May-16 2023 Tk45.57 Tk45.48 Tk46.16 Tk46.10 Tk131,282,054,445 Tk2,362,421,966,334
May-15 2023 Tk46.29 Tk45.59 Tk46.39 Tk45.87 Tk56,236,238,239 Tk2,399,758,202,945
May-14 2023 Tk46.06 Tk45.61 Tk46.07 Tk45.78 Tk60,148,817,832 Tk2,387,475,201,185
May-13 2023 Tk45.99 Tk45.87 Tk46.44 Tk46.44 Tk80,207,727,250 Tk2,384,140,709,913
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 107.68657 BDT.