Market Cap AU$1.82T 0.28%
Volume 24h AU$91.95B -11.01%
BTC % 43.61% -0.48%
ETH % 18.82% 0.26%
Coins 22.755 +52
Exchanges 839
Last update 59 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h AUD Capitalization AUD
May-31 2023 AU$0.787048 AU$0.778163 AU$0.802656 AU$0.793530 AU$4,864,883,722 AU$40,913,401,775
May-30 2023 AU$0.759170 AU$0.746139 AU$0.767486 AU$0.752625 AU$1,465,334,238 AU$39,464,252,836
May-26 2023 AU$0.701248 AU$0.688996 AU$0.710096 AU$0.691351 AU$2,410,756,874 AU$36,375,924,084
May-25 2023 AU$0.688302 AU$0.678393 AU$0.691171 AU$0.690395 AU$1,400,552,270 AU$35,704,372,293
May-24 2023 AU$0.700780 AU$0.695283 AU$0.708166 AU$0.708166 AU$1,104,371,677 AU$36,351,681,889
May-22 2023 AU$0.709828 AU$0.687644 AU$0.710268 AU$0.696291 AU$1,183,772,189 AU$36,821,002,855
May-21 2023 AU$0.715973 AU$0.712694 AU$0.716558 AU$0.713509 AU$688,219,164 AU$37,139,800,476
May-19 2023 AU$0.704335 AU$0.696960 AU$0.712119 AU$0.700375 AU$2,741,401,114 AU$36,511,169,075
May-18 2023 AU$0.678915 AU$0.67500 AU$0.684259 AU$0.682560 AU$2,686,516,029 AU$35,193,474,422
May-16 2023 AU$0.643692 AU$0.642390 AU$0.651977 AU$0.651176 AU$1,854,270,266 AU$33,367,613,165
May-15 2023 AU$0.653865 AU$0.643971 AU$0.655282 AU$0.647927 AU$794,298,847 AU$33,894,962,266
May-14 2023 AU$0.650519 AU$0.644199 AU$0.650687 AU$0.646667 AU$849,561,388 AU$33,721,473,170
May-13 2023 AU$0.649610 AU$0.647927 AU$0.655920 AU$0.655920 AU$1,132,879,923 AU$33,674,375,735
May-11 2023 AU$0.649808 AU$0.649808 AU$0.656263 AU$0.656203 AU$1,569,235,199 AU$33,684,628,143
May-08 2023 AU$0.671767 AU$0.663616 AU$0.68890 AU$0.685443 AU$1,138,235,207 AU$34,822,960,692
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.521 AUD.