Market Cap R23.45T 0.39%
Volume 24h R1.16T -15.25%
BTC % 43.74% -0.27%
ETH % 18.82% 0.31%
Coins 22.755 +69
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ZAR Capitalization ZAR
May-31 2023 R36,601.08 R36,557.13 R37,410.11 R37,311.96 R98,170,428,790 R4,479,015,395,378
May-30 2023 R37,325.30 R37,013.14 R37,377.94 R37,153.44 R77,447,382,222 R4,567,641,353,148
May-26 2023 R35,471.73 R35,334.70 R35,516.46 R35,460.92 R85,245,947,492 R4,340,812,497,200
May-25 2023 R35,027.40 R34,785.12 R35,424.38 R35,347.72 R110,410,346,880 R4,286,438,269,703
May-24 2023 R35,786.23 R35,716.68 R36,390.11 R36,390.11 R92,477,847,121 R4,379,298,730,713
May-22 2023 R35,579.08 R35,220.61 R35,579.31 R35,427.68 R63,195,699,886 R4,353,949,099,438
May-21 2023 R35,645.58 R35,627.09 R35,855.67 R35,736.57 R54,128,632,443 R4,362,087,095,394
May-19 2023 R35,453.21 R35,304.69 R35,487.61 R35,365.49 R90,513,428,841 R4,338,546,153,606
May-18 2023 R35,662.29 R35,649.10 R35,859.18 R35,761.69 R100,642,128,424 R4,364,132,832,703
May-16 2023 R35,538.62 R35,329.24 R35,768.97 R35,678.17 R99,488,168,663 R4,348,998,002,608
May-15 2023 R35,939.39 R35,100.43 R35,939.39 R35,325.52 R108,662,822,599 R4,398,042,469,813
May-14 2023 R35,501.39 R35,211.45 R35,501.39 R35,242.58 R83,270,129,956 R4,344,441,965,303
May-13 2023 R35,316.63 R35,299.42 R35,611.07 R35,475.45 R144,871,902,555 R4,321,832,315,416
May-11 2023 R35,935.24 R35,855.38 R36,171.34 R36,169.88 R174,610,513,348 R4,397,534,820,794
May-08 2023 R36,653.52 R36,385.52 R37,078.97 R36,897.78 R147,201,932,407 R4,485,433,205,661
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 19.60977 ZAR.