Market Cap Bs.31.71T 1.85%
Volume 24h Bs.1.84T 36%
BTC % 44.19% 0.13%
ETH % 18.73% 0.85%
Coins 22.420 +83
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h VES Capitalization VES
May-26 2023 Bs.47,206.17 Bs.47,023.82 Bs.47,265.70 Bs.47,191.79 Bs.113,446,254,959 Bs.5,776,801,546,279
May-25 2023 Bs.46,614.85 Bs.46,292.42 Bs.47,143.17 Bs.47,041.13 Bs.146,935,317,523 Bs.5,704,439,719,620
May-24 2023 Bs.47,624.71 Bs.47,532.16 Bs.48,428.36 Bs.48,428.36 Bs.123,070,547,412 Bs.5,828,019,453,851
May-22 2023 Bs.47,349.03 Bs.46,871.97 Bs.47,349.34 Bs.47,147.56 Bs.84,101,540,220 Bs.5,794,283,882,632
May-21 2023 Bs.47,437.53 Bs.47,412.93 Bs.47,717.12 Bs.47,558.62 Bs.72,034,986,030 Bs.5,805,114,018,155
May-19 2023 Bs.47,181.52 Bs.46,983.87 Bs.47,227.30 Bs.47,064.79 Bs.120,456,277,719 Bs.5,773,785,471,020
May-18 2023 Bs.47,459.78 Bs.47,442.22 Bs.47,721.80 Bs.47,592.05 Bs.133,935,663,767 Bs.5,807,836,508,116
May-16 2023 Bs.47,295.19 Bs.47,016.55 Bs.47,601.74 Bs.47,480.91 Bs.132,399,961,284 Bs.5,787,694,907,909
May-15 2023 Bs.47,828.54 Bs.46,712.05 Bs.47,828.54 Bs.47,011.60 Bs.144,609,692,775 Bs.5,852,963,830,298
May-14 2023 Bs.47,245.64 Bs.46,859.78 Bs.47,245.64 Bs.46,901.21 Bs.110,816,815,008 Bs.5,781,631,682,795
May-13 2023 Bs.46,999.76 Bs.46,976.86 Bs.47,391.61 Bs.47,211.12 Bs.192,797,139,068 Bs.5,751,542,509,279
May-11 2023 Bs.47,823.02 Bs.47,716.74 Bs.48,137.22 Bs.48,135.28 Bs.232,373,613,040 Bs.5,852,288,245,338
May-08 2023 Bs.48,778.91 Bs.48,422.26 Bs.49,345.11 Bs.49,103.97 Bs.195,897,968,708 Bs.5,969,264,393,453
May-07 2023 Bs.49,726.72 Bs.49,457.74 Bs.50,132.10 Bs.49,651.90 Bs.218,321,538,481 Bs.6,085,251,443,718
May-06 2023 Bs.51,340.99 Bs.51,253.57 Bs.52,577.43 Bs.52,075.77 Bs.254,023,350,359 Bs.6,282,795,026,310
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 26.0969 VES.