Market Cap NZ$1.89T -0.59%
Volume 24h NZ$84.43B -9.32%
BTC % 44.46% 0.36%
ETH % 19.11% -0.05%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 41 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h NZD Capitalization NZD
Jun-09 2023 NZ$3,009.99 NZ$2,998.56 NZ$3,023.24 NZ$3,019.24 NZ$6,246,244,259 NZ$368,344,240,765
Jun-05 2023 NZ$3,061.01 NZ$3,051.93 NZ$3,092.05 NZ$3,092.05 NZ$6,491,357,923 NZ$374,588,236,873
Jun-04 2023 NZ$3,095.53 NZ$3,084.28 NZ$3,098.77 NZ$3,093.92 NZ$4,731,604,835 NZ$378,812,080,268
Jun-03 2023 NZ$3,113.47 NZ$3,104.61 NZ$3,118.90 NZ$3,117.43 NZ$7,127,425,264 NZ$381,006,920,171
May-31 2023 NZ$3,049.80 NZ$3,046.13 NZ$3,117.21 NZ$3,109.03 NZ$8,180,080,589 NZ$373,215,308,792
May-30 2023 NZ$3,110.14 NZ$3,084.13 NZ$3,114.53 NZ$3,095.82 NZ$6,453,326,484 NZ$380,600,093,455
May-26 2023 NZ$2,955.69 NZ$2,944.27 NZ$2,959.42 NZ$2,954.79 NZ$7,103,144,287 NZ$361,699,510,616
May-25 2023 NZ$2,918.67 NZ$2,898.48 NZ$2,951.75 NZ$2,945.36 NZ$9,199,975,456 NZ$357,168,761,710
May-24 2023 NZ$2,981.90 NZ$2,976.10 NZ$3,032.22 NZ$3,032.22 NZ$7,705,744,505 NZ$364,906,387,632
May-22 2023 NZ$2,964.64 NZ$2,934.77 NZ$2,964.66 NZ$2,952.02 NZ$5,265,800,754 NZ$362,794,121,960
May-21 2023 NZ$2,970.18 NZ$2,968.64 NZ$2,987.68 NZ$2,977.76 NZ$4,510,284,625 NZ$363,472,222,928
May-19 2023 NZ$2,954.15 NZ$2,941.77 NZ$2,957.02 NZ$2,946.84 NZ$7,542,058,759 NZ$361,510,666,853
May-18 2023 NZ$2,971.57 NZ$2,970.47 NZ$2,987.98 NZ$2,979.85 NZ$8,386,035,707 NZ$363,642,684,606
May-16 2023 NZ$2,961.27 NZ$2,943.82 NZ$2,980.46 NZ$2,972.89 NZ$8,289,881,662 NZ$362,381,570,323
May-15 2023 NZ$2,994.66 NZ$2,924.75 NZ$2,994.66 NZ$2,943.51 NZ$9,054,362,468 NZ$366,468,215,346
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.63399 NZD.