Market Cap RM5.61T 1.95%
Volume 24h RM321.47B 35.84%
BTC % 44.26% 0.31%
ETH % 18.7% 0.64%
Coins 22.415 +78
Exchanges 839
Last update 46 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MYR Capitalization MYR
May-26 2023 RM8,332.61 RM8,300.42 RM8,343.12 RM8,330.07 RM20,024,990,457 RM1,019,693,385,917
May-25 2023 RM8,228.23 RM8,171.32 RM8,321.49 RM8,303.48 RM25,936,319,646 RM1,006,920,422,289
May-24 2023 RM8,406.49 RM8,390.15 RM8,548.34 RM8,548.34 RM21,723,824,541 RM1,028,734,126,052
May-22 2023 RM8,357.82 RM8,273.62 RM8,357.88 RM8,322.26 RM14,845,201,730 RM1,022,779,284,334
May-21 2023 RM8,373.45 RM8,369.10 RM8,422.80 RM8,394.82 RM12,715,271,283 RM1,024,690,968,070
May-19 2023 RM8,328.26 RM8,293.37 RM8,336.34 RM8,307.65 RM21,262,366,155 RM1,019,161,002,734
May-18 2023 RM8,377.37 RM8,374.27 RM8,423.62 RM8,400.72 RM23,641,682,926 RM1,025,171,528,980
May-16 2023 RM8,348.32 RM8,299.14 RM8,402.43 RM8,381.10 RM23,370,608,067 RM1,021,616,230,023
May-15 2023 RM8,442.47 RM8,245.39 RM8,442.47 RM8,298.26 RM25,525,811,486 RM1,033,137,188,105
May-14 2023 RM8,339.57 RM8,271.46 RM8,339.57 RM8,278.78 RM19,560,854,290 RM1,020,545,978,518
May-13 2023 RM8,296.17 RM8,292.13 RM8,365.34 RM8,333.48 RM34,031,629,087 RM1,015,234,781,487
May-11 2023 RM8,441.49 RM8,422.73 RM8,496.95 RM8,496.61 RM41,017,479,029 RM1,033,017,937,079
May-08 2023 RM8,610.22 RM8,547.27 RM8,710.16 RM8,667.60 RM34,578,972,708 RM1,053,666,007,397
May-07 2023 RM8,777.52 RM8,730.04 RM8,849.08 RM8,764.32 RM38,537,074,021 RM1,074,139,486,893
May-06 2023 RM9,062.47 RM9,047.03 RM9,280.72 RM9,192.17 RM44,838,987,137 RM1,109,008,935,494
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.6065 MYR.