Market Cap RM12.81T 1.77%
Volume 24h RM885.93B -21.37%
BTC % 49.79% 0.4%
ETH % 16.47% -2.73%
Coins 27.318 +24
Exchanges 885
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MYR Capitalization MYR
May-23 2024 RM17,771.60 RM17,262.05 RM18,530.87 RM17,596.59 RM214,456,082,977 RM2,134,902,069,851
May-22 2024 RM17,591.66 RM17,197.77 RM17,903.72 RM17,837.06 RM118,395,386,342 RM2,113,260,729,871
May-21 2024 RM17,825.92 RM17,091.73 RM17,998.05 RM17,267.78 RM177,187,377,626 RM2,141,382,358,610
May-20 2024 RM17,219.28 RM14,356.61 RM17,363.39 RM14,448.56 RM146,750,876,594 RM2,068,493,389,752
May-19 2024 RM14,454.70 RM14,396.52 RM14,747.87 RM14,705.00 RM41,136,164,311 RM1,736,362,099,464
May-18 2024 RM14,691.56 RM14,532.60 RM14,795.84 RM14,538.07 RM44,261,958,258 RM1,764,784,156,834
May-17 2024 RM14,555.22 RM13,803.93 RM14,674.06 RM13,853.96 RM67,940,742,793 RM1,748,377,580,257
May-16 2024 RM13,849.29 RM13,770.19 RM14,305.37 RM14,278.24 RM61,409,159,618 RM1,663,555,797,803
May-15 2024 RM14,284.71 RM13,484.61 RM14,305.81 RM13,567.99 RM68,627,565,511 RM1,715,833,326,765
May-14 2024 RM13,554.91 RM13,490.62 RM13,915.68 RM13,873.49 RM58,577,969,207 RM1,628,148,347,733
May-13 2024 RM13,877.14 RM13,503.77 RM14,046.73 RM13,781.20 RM62,820,940,073 RM1,666,828,926,244
May-12 2024 RM13,782.10 RM13,653.77 RM13,890.79 RM13,699.56 RM27,786,135,527 RM1,655,385,518,532
May-11 2024 RM13,692.48 RM13,594.16 RM13,807.78 RM13,686.62 RM31,980,309,751 RM1,644,592,872,158
May-10 2024 RM13,688.45 RM13,582.76 RM14,348.26 RM14,266.01 RM57,753,977,598 RM1,644,083,363,682
May-09 2024 RM14,284.15 RM13,907.88 RM14,376.69 RM13,994.13 RM51,091,021,547 RM1,715,602,271,847

Historical and market price analysis of Ethereum (ETH), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Malaysian Ringgit, analyzing 3213 days, from day 08-07-2015.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.7045 MYR.