Market Cap MX$18.99T -5.59%
Volume 24h MX$1.67T 46.21%
BTC % 45.42% 2.13%
ETH % 19.11% 0.26%
Coins 23.035 +14
Exchanges 840
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MXN Capitalization MXN
Jun-09 2023 MX$31,834.26 MX$31,713.39 MX$31,974.36 MX$31,932.03 MX$66,061,509,276 MX$3,895,681,223,484
Jun-05 2023 MX$32,373.90 MX$32,277.86 MX$32,702.12 MX$32,702.12 MX$68,653,879,647 MX$3,961,718,955,870
Jun-04 2023 MX$32,738.94 MX$32,619.92 MX$32,773.17 MX$32,721.92 MX$50,042,384,467 MX$4,006,391,155,361
Jun-03 2023 MX$32,928.63 MX$32,834.97 MX$32,986.10 MX$32,970.54 MX$75,381,053,101 MX$4,029,604,214,370
May-31 2023 MX$32,255.24 MX$32,216.51 MX$32,968.22 MX$32,881.72 MX$86,514,143,107 MX$3,947,198,598,131
May-30 2023 MX$32,893.47 MX$32,618.38 MX$32,939.86 MX$32,742.02 MX$68,251,651,658 MX$4,025,301,534,913
May-26 2023 MX$31,259.99 MX$31,139.23 MX$31,299.41 MX$31,250.46 MX$75,124,252,706 MX$3,825,405,248,971
May-25 2023 MX$30,868.41 MX$30,654.90 MX$31,218.26 MX$31,150.70 MX$97,300,752,052 MX$3,777,487,156,353
May-24 2023 MX$31,537.14 MX$31,475.85 MX$32,069.32 MX$32,069.32 MX$81,497,471,272 MX$3,859,321,811,778
May-22 2023 MX$31,354.59 MX$31,038.68 MX$31,354.79 MX$31,221.17 MX$55,692,145,701 MX$3,836,982,074,090
May-21 2023 MX$31,413.19 MX$31,396.90 MX$31,598.34 MX$31,493.38 MX$47,701,658,342 MX$3,844,153,803,453
May-19 2023 MX$31,243.66 MX$31,112.78 MX$31,273.98 MX$31,166.36 MX$79,766,298,594 MX$3,823,408,000,141
May-18 2023 MX$31,427.92 MX$31,416.30 MX$31,601.43 MX$31,515.52 MX$88,692,364,987 MX$3,845,956,639,730
May-16 2023 MX$31,318.93 MX$31,134.42 MX$31,521.93 MX$31,441.92 MX$87,675,420,871 MX$3,832,618,846,742
May-15 2023 MX$31,672.12 MX$30,932.78 MX$31,672.12 MX$31,131.14 MX$95,760,720,420 MX$3,875,840,009,231
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 17.2814 MXN.