Market Cap Rp38,953.74T -7.9%
Volume 24h Rp2,517.41T 59.59%
BTC % 50.37% 1.82%
ETH % 16.87% 1.18%
Coins 27.802 +15
Exchanges 885
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
Jun-23 2024 Rp56,002,391.23 Rp55,935,837.54 Rp57,650,039.99 Rp57,260,081.12 Rp154,186,951,363,248 Rp6,847,746,060,036,645
Jun-22 2024 Rp57,263,038.51 Rp56,976,452.04 Rp57,619,916.40 Rp57,619,916.40 Rp121,547,738,506,947 Rp7,001,907,733,576,683
Jun-21 2024 Rp57,608,995.09 Rp56,487,997.39 Rp57,982,492.57 Rp57,537,124.90 Rp261,196,297,954,874 Rp7,044,239,448,875,907
Jun-20 2024 Rp57,524,753.40 Rp57,102,764.93 Rp59,327,414.84 Rp58,289,687.96 Rp264,011,315,501,191 Rp7,033,851,843,503,650
Jun-19 2024 Rp58,283,297.12 Rp56,846,784.99 Rp58,706,017.77 Rp57,005,401.92 Rp250,289,353,357,240 Rp7,126,649,308,843,163
Jun-18 2024 Rp57,083,534.87 Rp55,333,818.07 Rp57,537,781.57 Rp57,534,075.11 Rp344,173,065,607,298 Rp6,980,002,920,709,394
Jun-17 2024 Rp57,558,280.89 Rp56,850,505.96 Rp59,531,074.78 Rp59,359,637.84 Rp292,079,244,969,247 Rp6,916,160,667,387,240
Jun-16 2024 Rp59,296,200.01 Rp58,028,984.27 Rp59,755,211.15 Rp58,435,679.27 Rp161,667,945,238,928 Rp7,124,710,270,268,650
Jun-15 2024 Rp58,400,254.67 Rp56,923,801.24 Rp58,763,602.97 Rp57,049,370.99 Rp208,539,574,844,930 Rp7,017,086,445,477,585
Jun-14 2024 Rp57,014,322.48 Rp55,192,313.34 Rp57,781,290.90 Rp56,875,192.66 Rp258,618,413,867,260 Rp6,850,334,348,326,515
Jun-13 2024 Rp56,824,854.78 Rp56,271,990.89 Rp58,313,082.28 Rp58,313,082.28 Rp237,091,779,713,094 Rp6,827,653,475,797,155
Jun-12 2024 Rp58,320,349.37 Rp56,826,884.71 Rp59,777,214.11 Rp57,322,841.93 Rp280,945,864,456,114 Rp7,007,440,839,722,329
Jun-11 2024 Rp57,331,191.66 Rp56,327,025.71 Rp60,111,565.76 Rp60,052,518.89 Rp314,318,199,647,207 Rp6,888,669,733,456,742
Jun-10 2024 Rp60,054,851.10 Rp59,825,976.30 Rp60,729,422.03 Rp60,700,056.75 Rp170,080,753,892,437 Rp7,215,840,663,506,190
Jun-09 2024 Rp60,711,974.32 Rp60,122,159.33 Rp60,883,158.45 Rp60,289,370.26 Rp129,656,716,787,031 Rp7,294,625,382,759,624

Historical and market price analysis of Ethereum (ETH), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Indonesian Rupiah, analyzing 3244 days, from day 08-07-2015.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 16383.13581 IDR.