Market Cap HK$9.48T -0.01%
Volume 24h HK$316.21B -24.15%
BTC % 43.63% 0.2%
ETH % 18.93% -0.05%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h HKD Capitalization HKD
Jun-04 2023 HK$14,849.36 HK$14,795.37 HK$14,864.88 HK$14,841.63 HK$22,697,653,093 HK$1,817,173,133,720
Jun-03 2023 HK$14,935.39 HK$14,892.91 HK$14,961.46 HK$14,954.40 HK$34,190,476,959 HK$1,827,701,847,854
May-31 2023 HK$14,629.96 HK$14,612.40 HK$14,953.35 HK$14,914.11 HK$39,240,096,747 HK$1,790,325,249,791
May-30 2023 HK$14,919.45 HK$14,794.67 HK$14,940.49 HK$14,850.75 HK$30,956,804,494 HK$1,825,750,287,656
May-26 2023 HK$14,178.55 HK$14,123.78 HK$14,196.43 HK$14,174.23 HK$34,074,000,370 HK$1,735,083,613,770
May-25 2023 HK$14,000.94 HK$13,904.10 HK$14,159.62 HK$14,128.98 HK$44,132,563,612 HK$1,713,349,472,707
May-24 2023 HK$14,304.26 HK$14,276.46 HK$14,545.64 HK$14,545.64 HK$36,964,692,043 HK$1,750,467,100,886
May-22 2023 HK$14,221.46 HK$14,078.17 HK$14,221.55 HK$14,160.94 HK$25,260,207,255 HK$1,740,334,497,861
May-21 2023 HK$14,248.04 HK$14,240.65 HK$14,332.01 HK$14,284.41 HK$21,635,973,277 HK$1,743,587,368,940
May-19 2023 HK$14,171.14 HK$14,111.78 HK$14,184.89 HK$14,136.08 HK$36,179,486,516 HK$1,734,177,724,461
May-18 2023 HK$14,254.72 HK$14,249.45 HK$14,333.42 HK$14,294.45 HK$40,228,069,744 HK$1,744,405,078,824
May-16 2023 HK$14,205.28 HK$14,121.59 HK$14,297.36 HK$14,261.07 HK$39,766,815,849 HK$1,738,355,475,044
May-15 2023 HK$14,365.48 HK$14,030.13 HK$14,365.48 HK$14,120.11 HK$43,434,053,657 HK$1,757,959,236,194
May-14 2023 HK$14,190.40 HK$14,074.51 HK$14,190.40 HK$14,086.95 HK$33,284,238,399 HK$1,736,534,363,057
May-13 2023 HK$14,116.55 HK$14,109.67 HK$14,234.24 HK$14,180.03 HK$57,907,330,570 HK$1,727,496,969,007
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.8383 HKD.