Market Cap CHF1.09T 1.21%
Volume 24h CHF65.72B 37.7%
BTC % 44.2% 0.09%
ETH % 18.7% 0.74%
Coins 22.430 +93
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CHF Capitalization CHF
May-26 2023 CHF1,634.54 CHF1,628.23 CHF1,636.60 CHF1,634.04 CHF3,928,141,078 CHF200,025,037,964
May-25 2023 CHF1,614.07 CHF1,602.90 CHF1,632.36 CHF1,628.83 CHF5,087,718,910 CHF197,519,468,575
May-24 2023 CHF1,649.03 CHF1,645.83 CHF1,676.86 CHF1,676.86 CHF4,261,387,676 CHF201,798,487,134
May-22 2023 CHF1,639.49 CHF1,622.97 CHF1,639.50 CHF1,632.51 CHF2,912,063,646 CHF200,630,373,800
May-21 2023 CHF1,642.55 CHF1,641.70 CHF1,652.23 CHF1,646.74 CHF2,494,252,347 CHF201,005,373,400
May-19 2023 CHF1,633.69 CHF1,626.84 CHF1,635.27 CHF1,629.64 CHF4,170,867,102 CHF199,920,604,644
May-18 2023 CHF1,643.32 CHF1,642.71 CHF1,652.39 CHF1,647.90 CHF4,637,598,508 CHF201,099,641,163
May-16 2023 CHF1,637.62 CHF1,627.97 CHF1,648.24 CHF1,644.05 CHF4,584,423,936 CHF200,402,226,804
May-15 2023 CHF1,656.09 CHF1,617.43 CHF1,656.09 CHF1,627.80 CHF5,007,192,831 CHF202,662,200,351
May-14 2023 CHF1,635.91 CHF1,622.55 CHF1,635.91 CHF1,623.98 CHF3,837,095,225 CHF200,192,284,187
May-13 2023 CHF1,627.39 CHF1,626.60 CHF1,640.96 CHF1,634.71 CHF6,675,710,556 CHF199,150,429,447
May-11 2023 CHF1,655.90 CHF1,652.22 CHF1,666.78 CHF1,666.71 CHF8,046,068,468 CHF202,638,807,837
May-08 2023 CHF1,689.00 CHF1,676.65 CHF1,708.60 CHF1,700.25 CHF6,783,078,545 CHF206,689,173,473
May-07 2023 CHF1,721.82 CHF1,712.50 CHF1,735.85 CHF1,719.23 CHF7,559,507,398 CHF210,705,291,034
May-06 2023 CHF1,777.71 CHF1,774.68 CHF1,820.52 CHF1,803.15 CHF8,795,702,932 CHF217,545,349,895
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 0.90362 CHF.