Market Cap CA$1.63T 0.17%
Volume 24h CA$53.34B -26.28%
BTC % 43.66% 0.27%
ETH % 18.95% 0.05%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CAD Capitalization CAD
Jun-04 2023 CA$2,543.60 CA$2,534.35 CA$2,546.26 CA$2,542.28 CA$3,887,960,900 CA$311,269,983,031
Jun-03 2023 CA$2,558.34 CA$2,551.06 CA$2,562.80 CA$2,561.59 CA$5,856,607,158 CA$313,073,483,539
May-31 2023 CA$2,506.02 CA$2,503.01 CA$2,561.41 CA$2,554.69 CA$6,721,574,308 CA$306,671,114,480
May-30 2023 CA$2,555.60 CA$2,534.23 CA$2,559.21 CA$2,543.84 CA$5,302,700,018 CA$312,739,193,922
May-26 2023 CA$2,428.69 CA$2,419.31 CA$2,431.76 CA$2,427.95 CA$5,836,655,473 CA$297,208,580,180
May-25 2023 CA$2,398.27 CA$2,381.68 CA$2,425.45 CA$2,420.20 CA$7,559,622,180 CA$293,485,662,648
May-24 2023 CA$2,450.23 CA$2,445.46 CA$2,491.57 CA$2,491.57 CA$6,331,812,226 CA$299,843,671,843
May-22 2023 CA$2,436.04 CA$2,411.50 CA$2,436.06 CA$2,425.68 CA$4,326,909,824 CA$298,108,022,601
May-21 2023 CA$2,440.60 CA$2,439.33 CA$2,454.98 CA$2,446.83 CA$3,706,102,027 CA$298,665,218,339
May-19 2023 CA$2,427.43 CA$2,417.26 CA$2,429.78 CA$2,421.42 CA$6,197,311,607 CA$297,053,407,212
May-18 2023 CA$2,441.74 CA$2,440.84 CA$2,455.22 CA$2,448.55 CA$6,890,807,681 CA$298,805,286,744
May-16 2023 CA$2,433.27 CA$2,418.94 CA$2,449.04 CA$2,442.83 CA$6,811,797,877 CA$297,769,028,816
May-15 2023 CA$2,460.71 CA$2,403.27 CA$2,460.71 CA$2,418.68 CA$7,439,971,951 CA$301,127,026,074
May-14 2023 CA$2,430.72 CA$2,410.87 CA$2,430.72 CA$2,413.00 CA$5,701,374,365 CA$297,457,084,133
May-13 2023 CA$2,418.07 CA$2,416.90 CA$2,438.23 CA$2,428.95 CA$9,919,150,503 CA$295,909,037,092
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.34265 CAD.