Market Cap Tk125.02T -0.52%
Volume 24h Tk5.59T -10.13%
BTC % 44.44% 0.2%
ETH % 19.11% 0%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BDT Capitalization BDT
Jun-09 2023 Tk199,304.35 Tk198,547.65 Tk200,181.48 Tk199,916.48 Tk413,590,484,612 Tk24,389,643,875,438
Jun-05 2023 Tk202,682.86 Tk202,081.58 Tk204,737.76 Tk204,737.76 Tk429,820,506,148 Tk24,803,085,500,361
Jun-04 2023 Tk204,968.31 Tk204,223.14 Tk205,182.56 Tk204,861.70 Tk313,299,745,488 Tk25,082,764,194,338
Jun-03 2023 Tk206,155.90 Tk205,569.51 Tk206,515.70 Tk206,418.28 Tk471,937,238,857 Tk25,228,093,909,478
May-31 2023 Tk201,940.00 Tk201,697.52 Tk206,403.71 Tk205,862.17 Tk541,638,039,544 Tk24,712,178,073,941
May-30 2023 Tk205,935.77 Tk204,213.46 Tk206,226.19 Tk204,987.57 Tk427,302,282,285 Tk25,201,156,176,728
May-26 2023 Tk195,709.01 Tk194,953.01 Tk195,955.82 Tk195,649.39 Tk470,329,491,764 Tk23,949,667,939,764
May-25 2023 Tk193,257.50 Tk191,920.76 Tk195,447.80 Tk195,024.79 Tk609,169,630,479 Tk23,649,667,722,322
May-24 2023 Tk197,444.19 Tk197,060.50 Tk200,776.00 Tk200,776.00 Tk510,230,223,433 Tk24,162,008,950,462
May-22 2023 Tk196,301.28 Tk194,323.48 Tk196,302.56 Tk195,466.00 Tk348,671,136,675 Tk24,022,146,827,454
May-21 2023 Tk196,668.19 Tk196,566.21 Tk197,827.33 Tk197,170.21 Tk298,645,190,015 Tk24,067,046,785,922
May-19 2023 Tk195,606.83 Tk194,787.38 Tk195,796.62 Tk195,122.85 Tk499,391,891,781 Tk23,937,163,788,400
May-18 2023 Tk196,760.42 Tk196,687.65 Tk197,846.71 Tk197,308.81 Tk555,275,206,673 Tk24,078,333,780,988
May-16 2023 Tk196,078.06 Tk194,922.86 Tk197,348.98 Tk196,848.02 Tk548,908,437,063 Tk23,994,830,023,264
May-15 2023 Tk198,289.27 Tk193,660.45 Tk198,289.27 Tk194,902.34 Tk599,527,973,237 Tk24,265,424,227,596
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 108.19345 BDT.