Market Cap R23.61T 0.17%
Volume 24h R771.24B -34.87%
BTC % 43.65% -0.02%
ETH % 18.95% 0%
Coins 22.809 +15
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ZAR Capitalization ZAR
Jun-04 2023 R5,975.05 R5,970.07 R5,990.56 R5,986.70 R4,880,102,591 R931,246,045,919
Jun-03 2023 R5,981.91 R5,965.59 R5,999.97 R5,998.79 R6,564,585,897 R932,316,879,193
May-31 2023 R5,991.34 R5,982.57 R6,089.10 R6,086.71 R8,067,972,646 R933,790,650,024
May-30 2023 R6,094.16 R6,075.82 R6,109.33 R6,086.74 R9,508,883,627 R949,816,618,972
May-26 2023 R5,906.49 R5,899.97 R5,954.15 R5,953.48 R7,138,599,850 R920,571,320,530
May-25 2023 R5,957.17 R5,929.84 R5,980.21 R5,978.89 R7,956,629,054 R928,471,252,692
May-24 2023 R6,025.91 R6,021.54 R6,121.28 R6,121.28 R6,614,625,320 R939,186,453,789
May-22 2023 R5,999.39 R5,960.96 R6,000.06 R5,986.17 R6,053,594,588 R935,054,786,856
May-21 2023 R6,075.66 R6,061.31 R6,077.59 R6,069.25 R5,510,926,089 R946,943,480,339
May-19 2023 R6,052.12 R6,015.89 R6,052.24 R6,043.42 R7,746,490,691 R943,276,395,374
May-18 2023 R6,108.75 R6,107.22 R6,140.18 R6,131.38 R8,766,054,120 R952,104,032,019
May-16 2023 R6,097.11 R6,084.95 R6,132.14 R6,124.68 R8,455,825,889 R950,293,045,614
May-15 2023 R6,151.91 R6,073.50 R6,151.91 R6,092.64 R8,888,701,910 R958,835,232,015
May-14 2023 R6,103.89 R6,055.52 R6,103.89 R6,067.99 R7,465,889,831 R951,352,751,104
May-13 2023 R6,049.56 R6,012.36 R6,058.45 R6,021.51 R9,483,542,394 R942,885,948,499
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 19.51038 ZAR.