Market Cap Bs.31.27T 0.53%
Volume 24h Bs.1.55T -15.29%
BTC % 43.72% -0.29%
ETH % 18.84% 0.42%
Coins 22.755 +67
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h VES Capitalization VES
May-31 2023 Bs.8,024.50 Bs.8,012.75 Bs.8,155.43 Bs.8,152.23 Bs.10,805,827,811 Bs.1,250,671,193,175
May-30 2023 Bs.8,162.20 Bs.8,137.64 Bs.8,182.53 Bs.8,152.27 Bs.12,735,709,906 Bs.1,272,135,552,136
May-26 2023 Bs.7,910.85 Bs.7,902.11 Bs.7,974.68 Bs.7,973.79 Bs.9,561,073,665 Bs.1,232,965,902,818
May-25 2023 Bs.7,978.73 Bs.7,942.12 Bs.8,009.58 Bs.8,007.81 Bs.10,656,699,927 Bs.1,243,546,665,844
May-24 2023 Bs.8,070.80 Bs.8,064.94 Bs.8,198.53 Bs.8,198.53 Bs.8,859,289,114 Bs.1,257,898,055,355
May-22 2023 Bs.8,035.27 Bs.7,983.80 Bs.8,036.17 Bs.8,017.57 Bs.8,107,873,393 Bs.1,252,364,313,062
May-21 2023 Bs.8,137.43 Bs.8,118.21 Bs.8,140.01 Bs.8,128.84 Bs.7,381,051,102 Bs.1,268,287,417,950
May-19 2023 Bs.8,105.90 Bs.8,057.37 Bs.8,106.05 Bs.8,094.25 Bs.10,375,251,407 Bs.1,263,375,912,863
May-18 2023 Bs.8,181.74 Bs.8,179.70 Bs.8,223.84 Bs.8,212.05 Bs.11,740,802,252 Bs.1,275,199,195,582
May-16 2023 Bs.8,166.16 Bs.8,149.87 Bs.8,213.07 Bs.8,203.09 Bs.11,325,298,507 Bs.1,272,773,653,488
May-15 2023 Bs.8,239.55 Bs.8,134.54 Bs.8,239.55 Bs.8,160.16 Bs.11,905,070,396 Bs.1,284,214,618,825
May-14 2023 Bs.8,175.24 Bs.8,110.45 Bs.8,175.24 Bs.8,127.16 Bs.9,999,429,040 Bs.1,274,192,968,545
May-13 2023 Bs.8,102.48 Bs.8,052.65 Bs.8,114.38 Bs.8,064.90 Bs.12,701,769,162 Bs.1,262,852,968,390
May-11 2023 Bs.8,161.89 Bs.8,154.49 Bs.8,232.17 Bs.8,230.62 Bs.14,694,950,404 Bs.1,272,034,937,974
May-08 2023 Bs.8,325.50 Bs.8,307.26 Bs.8,455.69 Bs.8,436.83 Bs.13,098,529,702 Bs.1,297,623,760,538
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 26.1312 VES.