Market Cap S$1.48T -5.71%
Volume 24h S$129.98B 46.14%
BTC % 45.38% 2.07%
ETH % 19.1% 0.15%
Coins 23.036 +11
Exchanges 840
Last update 18 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h SGD Capitalization SGD
Jun-09 2023 S$349.57 S$347.83 S$353.14 S$352.57 S$744,075,291 S$54,481,939,953
Jun-05 2023 S$405.44 S$404.15 S$410.65 S$410.62 S$481,368,335 S$63,190,489,497
Jun-04 2023 S$411.63 S$411.29 S$412.70 S$412.43 S$336,197,752 S$64,154,968,295
Jun-03 2023 S$412.10 S$410.98 S$413.35 S$413.27 S$452,244,390 S$64,228,739,641
May-31 2023 S$412.75 S$412.15 S$419.49 S$419.32 S$555,815,009 S$64,330,269,974
May-30 2023 S$419.84 S$418.57 S$420.88 S$419.32 S$655,081,576 S$65,434,323,553
May-26 2023 S$406.91 S$406.46 S$410.19 S$410.14 S$491,789,092 S$63,419,570,092
May-25 2023 S$410.40 S$408.52 S$411.99 S$411.89 S$548,144,378 S$63,963,808,534
May-24 2023 S$415.13 S$414.83 S$421.70 S$421.70 S$455,691,683 S$64,701,995,171
May-22 2023 S$413.31 S$410.66 S$413.35 S$412.40 S$417,041,415 S$64,417,358,299
May-21 2023 S$418.56 S$417.57 S$418.69 S$418.12 S$379,656,150 S$65,236,388,626
May-19 2023 S$416.94 S$414.44 S$416.95 S$416.34 S$533,667,624 S$64,983,757,519
May-18 2023 S$420.84 S$420.74 S$423.01 S$422.40 S$603,906,912 S$65,591,906,946
May-16 2023 S$420.04 S$419.20 S$422.45 S$421.94 S$582,534,814 S$65,467,145,315
May-15 2023 S$423.81 S$418.41 S$423.81 S$419.73 S$612,356,307 S$66,055,629,637
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.3441 SGD.