Market Cap RM5.54T 0.09%
Volume 24h RM181.82B -26.91%
BTC % 43.64% 0.18%
ETH % 18.93% 0.05%
Coins 22.809 +14
Exchanges 839
Last update 37 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MYR Capitalization MYR
Jun-04 2023 RM1,401.86 RM1,400.69 RM1,405.50 RM1,404.59 RM1,144,963,328 RM218,487,737,050
Jun-03 2023 RM1,403.47 RM1,399.64 RM1,407.71 RM1,407.43 RM1,540,174,612 RM218,738,974,561
May-31 2023 RM1,405.68 RM1,403.62 RM1,428.62 RM1,428.06 RM1,892,897,257 RM219,084,748,759
May-30 2023 RM1,429.80 RM1,425.50 RM1,433.36 RM1,428.06 RM2,230,961,919 RM222,844,740,766
May-26 2023 RM1,385.77 RM1,384.24 RM1,396.95 RM1,396.80 RM1,674,849,020 RM215,983,246,852
May-25 2023 RM1,397.66 RM1,391.25 RM1,403.07 RM1,402.76 RM1,866,773,968 RM217,836,718,670
May-24 2023 RM1,413.79 RM1,412.77 RM1,436.17 RM1,436.17 RM1,551,914,796 RM220,350,705,225
May-22 2023 RM1,407.57 RM1,398.55 RM1,407.73 RM1,404.47 RM1,420,286,495 RM219,381,338,899
May-21 2023 RM1,425.46 RM1,422.10 RM1,425.92 RM1,423.96 RM1,292,966,317 RM222,170,648,714
May-19 2023 RM1,419.94 RM1,411.44 RM1,419.97 RM1,417.90 RM1,817,471,579 RM221,310,282,005
May-18 2023 RM1,433.23 RM1,432.87 RM1,440.60 RM1,438.54 RM2,056,680,225 RM223,381,410,642
May-16 2023 RM1,430.50 RM1,427.64 RM1,438.71 RM1,436.97 RM1,983,894,881 RM222,956,519,365
May-15 2023 RM1,443.35 RM1,424.96 RM1,443.35 RM1,429.45 RM2,085,455,690 RM224,960,676,038
May-14 2023 RM1,432.09 RM1,420.74 RM1,432.09 RM1,423.66 RM1,751,637,369 RM223,205,146,090
May-13 2023 RM1,419.34 RM1,410.61 RM1,421.43 RM1,412.76 RM2,225,016,392 RM221,218,675,867
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.5775 MYR.