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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h IDR Capitalization IDR
Jun-04 2023 Rp4,563,700.57 Rp4,559,896.48 Rp4,575,553.28 Rp4,572,599.95 Rp3,727,390,281,599 Rp711,279,608,683,921
Jun-03 2023 Rp4,568,940.74 Rp4,556,480.48 Rp4,582,739.56 Rp4,581,837.49 Rp5,013,987,558,321 Rp712,097,504,099,912
May-31 2023 Rp4,576,147.67 Rp4,569,450.05 Rp4,650,817.63 Rp4,648,988.34 Rp6,162,264,475,325 Rp713,223,160,573,498
May-30 2023 Rp4,654,678.85 Rp4,640,672.75 Rp4,666,267.95 Rp4,649,011.80 Rp7,262,822,811,286 Rp725,463,690,315,406
May-26 2023 Rp4,511,339.69 Rp4,506,355.91 Rp4,547,737.07 Rp4,547,231.30 Rp5,452,415,642,930 Rp703,126,323,598,132
May-25 2023 Rp4,550,049.23 Rp4,529,169.39 Rp4,567,643.98 Rp4,566,633.50 Rp6,077,220,971,234 Rp709,160,239,856,593
May-24 2023 Rp4,602,553.48 Rp4,599,209.85 Rp4,675,395.97 Rp4,675,395.97 Rp5,052,207,340,463 Rp717,344,440,021,771
May-22 2023 Rp4,582,293.74 Rp4,552,939.99 Rp4,582,805.34 Rp4,572,195.48 Rp4,623,695,755,013 Rp714,188,699,976,274
May-21 2023 Rp4,640,549.66 Rp4,629,591.02 Rp4,642,024.46 Rp4,635,650.87 Rp4,209,209,122,552 Rp723,269,205,912,903
May-19 2023 Rp4,622,567.81 Rp4,594,894.73 Rp4,622,658.03 Rp4,615,928.23 Rp5,916,718,671,408 Rp720,468,310,521,184
May-18 2023 Rp4,665,821.63 Rp4,664,658.28 Rp4,689,825.45 Rp4,683,106.93 Rp6,695,454,516,933 Rp727,210,801,365,473
May-16 2023 Rp4,656,934.30 Rp4,647,646.88 Rp4,683,686.34 Rp4,677,992.46 Rp6,458,504,233,249 Rp725,827,581,853,066
May-15 2023 Rp4,698,788.59 Rp4,638,901.88 Rp4,698,788.59 Rp4,653,515.42 Rp6,789,132,092,473 Rp732,352,047,677,652
May-14 2023 Rp4,662,114.37 Rp4,625,163.45 Rp4,662,114.37 Rp4,634,692.34 Rp5,702,397,578,557 Rp726,636,977,940,588
May-13 2023 Rp4,620,617.64 Rp4,592,202.31 Rp4,627,403.88 Rp4,599,186.39 Rp7,243,467,344,354 Rp720,170,089,764,282
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 14901.9 IDR.