Market Cap CN¥8.59T 1.85%
Volume 24h CN¥498.89B 36%
BTC % 44.19% 0.13%
ETH % 18.73% 0.85%
Coins 22.420 +83
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CNY Capitalization CNY
May-26 2023 CN¥2,141.28 CN¥2,138.92 CN¥2,158.56 CN¥2,158.32 CN¥2,587,957,313 CN¥333,734,812,302
May-25 2023 CN¥2,159.65 CN¥2,149.74 CN¥2,168.01 CN¥2,167.53 CN¥2,884,517,521 CN¥336,598,775,494
May-24 2023 CN¥2,184.58 CN¥2,182.99 CN¥2,219.15 CN¥2,219.15 CN¥2,398,000,774 CN¥340,483,358,412
May-22 2023 CN¥2,174.96 CN¥2,161.03 CN¥2,175.20 CN¥2,170.17 CN¥2,194,610,247 CN¥338,985,504,788
May-21 2023 CN¥2,202.61 CN¥2,197.41 CN¥2,203.31 CN¥2,200.28 CN¥1,997,876,582 CN¥343,295,514,018
May-19 2023 CN¥2,194.07 CN¥2,180.94 CN¥2,194.12 CN¥2,190.92 CN¥2,808,336,040 CN¥341,966,085,341
May-18 2023 CN¥2,214.61 CN¥2,214.05 CN¥2,226.00 CN¥2,222.81 CN¥3,177,958,471 CN¥345,166,369,331
May-16 2023 CN¥2,210.39 CN¥2,205.98 CN¥2,223.08 CN¥2,220.38 CN¥3,065,491,400 CN¥344,509,832,250
May-15 2023 CN¥2,230.25 CN¥2,201.83 CN¥2,230.25 CN¥2,208.76 CN¥3,222,421,987 CN¥347,606,631,935
May-14 2023 CN¥2,212.85 CN¥2,195.31 CN¥2,212.85 CN¥2,199.83 CN¥2,706,609,782 CN¥344,894,007,386
May-13 2023 CN¥2,193.15 CN¥2,179.66 CN¥2,196.37 CN¥2,182.98 CN¥3,438,069,567 CN¥341,824,536,597
May-11 2023 CN¥2,209.23 CN¥2,207.23 CN¥2,228.25 CN¥2,227.84 CN¥3,977,576,755 CN¥344,309,879,370
May-08 2023 CN¥2,253.52 CN¥2,248.58 CN¥2,288.76 CN¥2,283.65 CN¥3,545,463,294 CN¥351,236,170,580
May-07 2023 CN¥2,292.90 CN¥2,282.01 CN¥2,293.87 CN¥2,285.52 CN¥3,576,936,658 CN¥357,375,361,868
May-06 2023 CN¥2,308.72 CN¥2,303.80 CN¥2,323.88 CN¥2,313.85 CN¥3,862,849,460 CN¥359,840,873,911
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 7.0731 CNY.