Market Cap CL$910.16T -0.44%
Volume 24h CL$40.67T -12.04%
BTC % 44.45% 0.4%
ETH % 19.1% -0.1%
Coins 23.035 +32
Exchanges 840
Last update 32 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CLP Capitalization CLP
Jun-09 2023 CL$205,108.89 CL$204,088.41 CL$207,205.63 CL$206,870.20 CL$436,585,803,160 CL$31,967,250,906,911
Jun-05 2023 CL$237,893.01 CL$237,137.01 CL$240,948.00 CL$240,931.69 CL$282,442,629,102 CL$37,076,987,978,335
Jun-04 2023 CL$241,523.73 CL$241,322.41 CL$242,151.01 CL$241,994.71 CL$197,263,862,030 CL$37,642,895,428,675
Jun-03 2023 CL$241,801.05 CL$241,141.62 CL$242,531.33 CL$242,483.58 CL$265,354,168,789 CL$37,686,180,729,195
May-31 2023 CL$242,182.46 CL$241,828.01 CL$246,134.21 CL$246,037.39 CL$326,124,177,351 CL$37,745,753,600,970
May-30 2023 CL$246,338.55 CL$245,597.31 CL$246,951.88 CL$246,038.64 CL$384,368,785,868 CL$38,393,556,483,888
May-26 2023 CL$238,752.65 CL$238,488.89 CL$240,678.90 CL$240,652.13 CL$288,557,002,583 CL$37,211,400,902,279
May-25 2023 CL$240,801.26 CL$239,696.24 CL$241,732.42 CL$241,678.95 CL$321,623,438,552 CL$37,530,732,534,972
May-24 2023 CL$243,579.93 CL$243,402.98 CL$247,434.96 CL$247,434.96 CL$267,376,865,974 CL$37,963,863,173,365
May-22 2023 CL$242,507.73 CL$240,954.25 CL$242,534.81 CL$241,973.30 CL$244,698,840,899 CL$37,796,852,631,966
May-21 2023 CL$245,590.80 CL$245,010.83 CL$245,668.85 CL$245,331.54 CL$222,763,055,349 CL$38,277,418,265,001
May-19 2023 CL$244,639.15 CL$243,174.61 CL$244,643.92 CL$244,287.76 CL$313,129,210,383 CL$38,129,187,089,736
May-18 2023 CL$246,928.26 CL$246,866.69 CL$248,198.61 CL$247,843.05 CL$354,342,077,506 CL$38,486,018,460,524
May-16 2023 CL$246,457.92 CL$245,966.40 CL$247,873.71 CL$247,572.37 CL$341,802,009,378 CL$38,412,814,636,283
May-15 2023 CL$248,672.96 CL$245,503.59 CL$248,672.96 CL$246,276.98 CL$359,299,755,382 CL$38,758,107,516,557
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 788.65 CLP.