Market Cap CHF1.04T -0.52%
Volume 24h CHF46.66B -10.13%
BTC % 44.44% 0.2%
ETH % 19.11% 0%
Coins 23.035 +31
Exchanges 840
Last update 21 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CHF Capitalization CHF
Jun-09 2023 CHF234.97 CHF233.80 CHF237.38 CHF236.99 CHF500,154,113 CHF36,621,786,406
Jun-05 2023 CHF272.53 CHF271.66 CHF276.03 CHF276.01 CHF323,567,193 CHF42,475,517,782
Jun-04 2023 CHF276.69 CHF276.46 CHF277.41 CHF277.23 CHF225,986,121 CHF43,123,823,194
Jun-03 2023 CHF277.01 CHF276.25 CHF277.84 CHF277.79 CHF303,990,597 CHF43,173,410,975
May-31 2023 CHF277.45 CHF277.04 CHF281.97 CHF281.86 CHF373,608,916 CHF43,241,657,850
May-30 2023 CHF282.21 CHF281.36 CHF282.91 CHF281.86 CHF440,334,129 CHF43,983,782,935
May-26 2023 CHF273.52 CHF273.21 CHF275.72 CHF275.69 CHF330,571,839 CHF42,629,501,664
May-25 2023 CHF275.86 CHF274.60 CHF276.93 CHF276.87 CHF368,452,855 CHF42,995,329,019
May-24 2023 CHF279.05 CHF278.84 CHF283.46 CHF283.46 CHF306,307,806 CHF43,491,524,884
May-22 2023 CHF277.82 CHF276.04 CHF277.85 CHF277.21 CHF280,327,786 CHF43,300,197,066
May-21 2023 CHF281.35 CHF280.69 CHF281.44 CHF281.05 CHF255,198,079 CHF43,850,734,615
May-19 2023 CHF280.26 CHF278.58 CHF280.26 CHF279.86 CHF358,721,840 CHF43,680,920,499
May-18 2023 CHF282.88 CHF282.81 CHF284.34 CHF283.93 CHF405,935,434 CHF44,089,707,676
May-16 2023 CHF282.34 CHF281.78 CHF283.96 CHF283.62 CHF391,569,491 CHF44,005,845,137
May-15 2023 CHF284.88 CHF281.25 CHF284.88 CHF282.14 CHF411,614,966 CHF44,401,413,782
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 0.90348 CHF.