Market Cap CA$1.54T -0.46%
Volume 24h CA$68.77B -11.64%
BTC % 44.44% 0.31%
ETH % 19.12% 0%
Coins 23.035 +32
Exchanges 840
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h CAD Capitalization CAD
Jun-09 2023 CA$347.07 CA$345.34 CA$350.62 CA$350.05 CA$738,755,327 CA$54,092,406,851
Jun-05 2023 CA$402.54 CA$401.26 CA$407.71 CA$407.69 CA$477,926,665 CA$62,738,692,306
Jun-04 2023 CA$408.69 CA$408.35 CA$409.75 CA$409.48 CA$333,794,017 CA$63,696,275,307
Jun-03 2023 CA$409.16 CA$408.04 CA$410.39 CA$410.31 CA$449,010,949 CA$63,769,519,205
May-31 2023 CA$409.80 CA$409.20 CA$416.49 CA$416.32 CA$551,841,062 CA$63,870,323,620
May-30 2023 CA$416.83 CA$415.58 CA$417.87 CA$416.33 CA$650,397,896 CA$64,966,483,475
May-26 2023 CA$404.00 CA$403.55 CA$407.26 CA$407.21 CA$488,272,915 CA$62,966,135,028
May-25 2023 CA$407.46 CA$405.59 CA$409.04 CA$408.95 CA$544,225,274 CA$63,506,482,293
May-24 2023 CA$412.17 CA$411.87 CA$418.69 CA$418.69 CA$452,433,594 CA$64,239,391,069
May-22 2023 CA$410.35 CA$407.72 CA$410.40 CA$409.45 CA$414,059,667 CA$63,956,789,284
May-21 2023 CA$415.57 CA$414.59 CA$415.70 CA$415.13 CA$376,941,697 CA$64,769,963,736
May-19 2023 CA$413.96 CA$411.48 CA$413.97 CA$413.36 CA$529,852,026 CA$64,519,138,882
May-18 2023 CA$417.83 CA$417.73 CA$419.98 CA$419.38 CA$599,589,119 CA$65,122,940,183
May-16 2023 CA$417.04 CA$416.20 CA$419.43 CA$418.92 CA$578,369,826 CA$64,999,070,569
May-15 2023 CA$420.78 CA$415.42 CA$420.78 CA$416.73 CA$607,978,103 CA$65,583,347,365
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.33449 CAD.