Market Cap Tk128.30T 0.53%
Volume 24h Tk6.34T -15.29%
BTC % 43.72% -0.29%
ETH % 18.84% 0.42%
Coins 22.755 +67
Exchanges 839
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h BDT Capitalization BDT
May-31 2023 Tk32,929.85 Tk32,881.65 Tk33,467.17 Tk33,454.01 Tk44,343,505,304 Tk5,132,336,518,580
May-30 2023 Tk33,494.96 Tk33,394.17 Tk33,578.35 Tk33,454.18 Tk52,263,096,325 Tk5,220,419,072,924
May-26 2023 Tk32,463.49 Tk32,427.63 Tk32,725.41 Tk32,721.77 Tk39,235,450,369 Tk5,059,679,925,250
May-25 2023 Tk32,742.04 Tk32,591.79 Tk32,868.65 Tk32,861.38 Tk43,731,534,317 Tk5,103,099,839,907
May-24 2023 Tk33,119.86 Tk33,095.80 Tk33,644.04 Tk33,644.04 Tk36,355,561,157 Tk5,161,993,145,264
May-22 2023 Tk32,974.07 Tk32,762.85 Tk32,977.76 Tk32,901.41 Tk33,272,002,209 Tk5,139,284,516,641
May-21 2023 Tk33,393.28 Tk33,314.42 Tk33,403.90 Tk33,358.03 Tk30,289,366,482 Tk5,204,627,616,532
May-19 2023 Tk33,263.89 Tk33,064.75 Tk33,264.53 Tk33,216.11 Tk42,576,563,670 Tk5,184,472,441,408
May-18 2023 Tk33,575.14 Tk33,566.77 Tk33,747.87 Tk33,699.52 Tk48,180,327,877 Tk5,232,991,241,553
May-16 2023 Tk33,511.19 Tk33,444.35 Tk33,703.69 Tk33,662.72 Tk46,475,239,398 Tk5,223,037,627,580
May-15 2023 Tk33,812.37 Tk33,381.43 Tk33,812.37 Tk33,486.58 Tk48,854,429,432 Tk5,269,987,524,985
May-14 2023 Tk33,548.46 Tk33,282.56 Tk33,548.46 Tk33,351.13 Tk41,034,314,298 Tk5,228,862,022,142
May-13 2023 Tk33,249.85 Tk33,045.38 Tk33,298.69 Tk33,095.63 Tk52,123,814,856 Tk5,182,326,452,094
May-11 2023 Tk33,493.67 Tk33,463.32 Tk33,782.07 Tk33,775.73 Tk60,303,164,419 Tk5,220,006,186,038
May-08 2023 Tk34,165.08 Tk34,090.24 Tk34,699.32 Tk34,621.95 Tk53,751,987,490 Tk5,325,014,160,338
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 107.23371 BDT.