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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h AUD Capitalization AUD
Jun-04 2023 AU$462.61 AU$462.23 AU$463.81 AU$463.51 AU$377,836,648 AU$72,100,714,573
Jun-03 2023 AU$463.14 AU$461.88 AU$464.54 AU$464.45 AU$508,255,940 AU$72,183,622,677
May-31 2023 AU$463.87 AU$463.19 AU$471.44 AU$471.26 AU$624,654,027 AU$72,297,727,784
May-30 2023 AU$471.83 AU$470.41 AU$473.01 AU$471.26 AU$736,214,996 AU$73,538,521,040
May-26 2023 AU$457.30 AU$456.80 AU$460.99 AU$460.94 AU$552,698,347 AU$71,274,235,543
May-25 2023 AU$461.23 AU$459.11 AU$463.01 AU$462.91 AU$616,033,370 AU$71,885,879,218
May-24 2023 AU$466.55 AU$466.21 AU$473.93 AU$473.93 AU$512,130,188 AU$72,715,492,035
May-22 2023 AU$464.50 AU$461.52 AU$464.55 AU$463.47 AU$468,692,992 AU$72,395,602,207
May-21 2023 AU$470.40 AU$469.29 AU$470.55 AU$469.90 AU$426,677,472 AU$73,316,071,399
May-19 2023 AU$468.58 AU$465.77 AU$468.59 AU$467.91 AU$599,763,636 AU$73,032,151,325
May-18 2023 AU$472.96 AU$472.85 AU$475.40 AU$474.72 AU$678,702,228 AU$73,715,621,513
May-16 2023 AU$472.06 AU$471.12 AU$474.77 AU$474.20 AU$654,683,144 AU$73,575,407,855
May-15 2023 AU$476.30 AU$470.23 AU$476.30 AU$471.72 AU$688,198,100 AU$74,236,777,368
May-14 2023 AU$472.59 AU$468.84 AU$472.59 AU$469.81 AU$578,038,419 AU$73,657,454,403
May-13 2023 AU$468.38 AU$465.50 AU$469.07 AU$466.21 AU$734,252,979 AU$73,001,921,399
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.51057 AUD.