Market Cap AR$282.77T -0.46%
Volume 24h AR$12.62T -11.64%
BTC % 44.44% 0.31%
ETH % 19.12% 0%
Coins 23.035 +32
Exchanges 840
Last update 2 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ARS Capitalization ARS
Jun-09 2023 AR$63,711.21 AR$63,394.23 AR$64,362.50 AR$64,258.31 AR$135,612,889,462 AR$9,929,711,942,658
Jun-05 2023 AR$73,894.66 AR$73,659.83 AR$74,843.60 AR$74,838.54 AR$87,732,722,325 AR$11,516,905,579,350
Jun-04 2023 AR$75,022.44 AR$74,959.90 AR$75,217.28 AR$75,168.73 AR$61,274,375,215 AR$11,692,688,538,743
Jun-03 2023 AR$75,108.58 AR$74,903.75 AR$75,335.42 AR$75,320.59 AR$82,424,681,013 AR$11,706,133,878,999
May-31 2023 AR$75,227.05 AR$75,116.95 AR$76,454.55 AR$76,424.48 AR$101,301,145,602 AR$11,724,638,487,295
May-30 2023 AR$76,518.02 AR$76,287.78 AR$76,708.54 AR$76,424.86 AR$119,393,166,917 AR$11,925,859,919,871
May-26 2023 AR$74,161.68 AR$74,079.75 AR$74,760.01 AR$74,751.70 AR$89,631,977,521 AR$11,558,657,108,751
May-25 2023 AR$74,798.02 AR$74,454.78 AR$75,087.26 AR$75,070.65 AR$99,903,119,856 AR$11,657,848,344,684
May-24 2023 AR$75,661.14 AR$75,606.17 AR$76,858.59 AR$76,858.59 AR$83,052,974,026 AR$11,792,387,986,060
May-22 2023 AR$75,328.09 AR$74,845.54 AR$75,336.50 AR$75,162.08 AR$76,008,694,332 AR$11,740,510,939,381
May-21 2023 AR$76,285.75 AR$76,105.61 AR$76,310.00 AR$76,205.22 AR$69,194,970,112 AR$11,889,784,904,774
May-19 2023 AR$75,990.15 AR$75,535.24 AR$75,991.64 AR$75,881.00 AR$97,264,630,887 AR$11,843,741,130,926
May-18 2023 AR$76,701.20 AR$76,682.08 AR$77,095.80 AR$76,985.35 AR$110,066,228,999 AR$11,954,580,587,667
May-16 2023 AR$76,555.10 AR$76,402.43 AR$76,994.88 AR$76,901.28 AR$106,171,015,594 AR$11,931,841,913,956
May-15 2023 AR$77,243.14 AR$76,258.67 AR$77,243.14 AR$76,498.90 AR$111,606,189,797 AR$12,039,097,268,723
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 244.97156 ARS.