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ETH % 18.94% 0%
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Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h ZAR Capitalization ZAR
Jun-04 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.54 R19.53 R188,567,580,849 R1,623,918,869,147
Jun-03 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.54 R19.53 R258,133,125,010 R1,623,834,553,557
May-31 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.58 R19.53 R371,927,508,995 R1,624,637,671,659
May-30 2023 R19.53 R19.51 R19.54 R19.53 R297,420,740,301 R1,623,626,447,630
May-26 2023 R19.53 R19.53 R19.55 R19.54 R290,319,418,699 R1,622,573,439,936
May-25 2023 R19.53 R19.51 R19.56 R19.54 R379,761,452,858 R1,621,910,930,645
May-24 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.57 R19.53 R309,120,104,822 R1,621,810,288,125
May-22 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.56 R19.53 R234,387,780,663 R1,619,762,153,793
May-21 2023 R19.54 R19.52 R19.54 R19.54 R184,625,609,888 R1,619,920,208,006
May-19 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.54 R19.53 R339,842,037,653 R1,618,022,125,274
May-18 2023 R19.53 R19.51 R19.54 R19.53 R375,510,690,585 R1,617,638,996,781
May-16 2023 R19.53 R19.51 R19.57 R19.53 R306,219,930,616 R1,617,499,887,713
May-15 2023 R19.52 R19.51 R19.54 R19.53 R289,112,723,606 R1,616,748,801,941
May-14 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.54 R19.53 R225,337,484,889 R1,617,109,167,439
May-13 2023 R19.53 R19.52 R19.55 R19.53 R397,274,129,131 R1,617,163,698,600
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 19.51038 ZAR.