Market Cap Bs.90.91T 0.33%
Volume 24h Bs.2.59T
BTC % 50.66% 0.27%
ETH % 17.12% -0.46%
Coins 27.786 +2
Exchanges 885
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h VES Capitalization VES
Jun-21 2024 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.29 Bs.36.33 Bs.36.30 Bs.1,920,977,451,420 Bs.4,099,258,248,543
Jun-20 2024 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.29 Bs.36.34 Bs.36.31 Bs.1,927,167,705,869 Bs.4,098,791,518,979
Jun-19 2024 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.34 Bs.36.31 Bs.1,754,018,920,610 Bs.4,089,230,906,255
Jun-18 2024 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.37 Bs.36.31 Bs.2,857,970,509,590 Bs.4,086,725,198,080
Jun-17 2024 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.29 Bs.36.33 Bs.36.30 Bs.2,205,304,759,133 Bs.4,087,750,217,107
Jun-16 2024 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.29 Bs.36.32 Bs.36.31 Bs.1,159,824,279,823 Bs.4,086,492,453,687
Jun-15 2024 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.29 Bs.36.32 Bs.36.31 Bs.1,301,807,940,525 Bs.4,086,618,275,152
Jun-14 2024 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.29 Bs.36.33 Bs.36.30 Bs.2,061,193,320,217 Bs.4,086,821,459,697
Jun-13 2024 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.33 Bs.36.31 Bs.2,038,532,445,769 Bs.4,086,682,613,604
Jun-12 2024 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.34 Bs.36.32 Bs.2,458,906,751,706 Bs.4,085,853,437,014
Jun-11 2024 Bs.36.32 Bs.36.28 Bs.36.32 Bs.36.31 Bs.2,628,418,878,127 Bs.4,086,158,695,027
Jun-10 2024 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.32 Bs.36.32 Bs.1,864,623,654,133 Bs.4,084,385,328,899
Jun-09 2024 Bs.36.32 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.33 Bs.36.32 Bs.1,397,547,255,868 Bs.4,084,650,335,028
Jun-08 2024 Bs.36.32 Bs.36.30 Bs.36.33 Bs.36.31 Bs.1,550,266,932,849 Bs.4,084,470,997,355
Jun-07 2024 Bs.36.31 Bs.36.28 Bs.36.33 Bs.36.31 Bs.3,041,750,090,545 Bs.4,082,737,199,589

Historical and market price analysis of Tether (USDT), OHLC, OHLCV and Market Capitalization. Daily opening price, daily high price, daily low price, daily closing price, daily volume and market capitalization per day in Venezuelan Bolivar Soberano, analyzing 3400 days, from day 03-02-2015.

Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 36.32796 VES.