Market Cap Bs.31.82T 2.08%
Volume 24h Bs.1.83T 36.26%
BTC % 44.27% 0.33%
ETH % 18.72% 0.74%
Coins 22.419 +82
Exchanges 839
Last update 36 Seconds ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h VES Capitalization VES
May-26 2023 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.15 Bs.26.13 Bs.388,328,512,200 Bs.2,170,338,907,017
May-25 2023 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.10 Bs.26.16 Bs.26.13 Bs.507,965,332,253 Bs.2,169,452,740,846
May-24 2023 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.11 Bs.26.18 Bs.26.12 Bs.413,476,132,373 Bs.2,169,318,122,363
May-22 2023 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.11 Bs.26.16 Bs.26.12 Bs.313,514,881,472 Bs.2,166,578,557,225
May-21 2023 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.11 Bs.26.14 Bs.26.13 Bs.246,953,471,879 Bs.2,166,789,969,047
May-19 2023 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.11 Bs.26.14 Bs.26.12 Bs.454,569,499,540 Bs.2,164,251,111,514
May-18 2023 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.10 Bs.26.14 Bs.26.12 Bs.502,279,552,789 Bs.2,163,738,642,461
May-16 2023 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.10 Bs.26.18 Bs.26.12 Bs.409,596,886,750 Bs.2,163,552,571,486
May-15 2023 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.10 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.12 Bs.386,714,448,241 Bs.2,162,547,926,251
May-14 2023 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.11 Bs.26.14 Bs.26.12 Bs.301,409,291,331 Bs.2,163,029,947,738
May-13 2023 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.10 Bs.26.15 Bs.26.12 Bs.531,390,122,618 Bs.2,163,102,888,103
May-11 2023 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.12 Bs.26.16 Bs.26.14 Bs.666,337,801,854 Bs.2,158,971,129,267
May-08 2023 Bs.26.14 Bs.26.13 Bs.26.33 Bs.26.22 Bs.471,829,641,981 Bs.2,146,104,905,934
May-07 2023 Bs.26.17 Bs.26.15 Bs.26.19 Bs.26.18 Bs.496,370,344,140 Bs.2,147,675,932,137
May-06 2023 Bs.26.16 Bs.26.10 Bs.26.17 Bs.26.13 Bs.555,081,079,128 Bs.2,147,457,009,915
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 26.0969 VES.