Market Cap S$1.61T 0.39%
Volume 24h S$79.90B -15.25%
BTC % 43.74% -0.27%
ETH % 18.82% 0.31%
Coins 22.755 +69
Exchanges 839
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h SGD Capitalization SGD
May-31 2023 S$1.3488 S$1.3480 S$1.3524 S$1.3490 S$25,685,564,588 S$112,198,573,210
May-30 2023 S$1.3486 S$1.3477 S$1.3494 S$1.3486 S$20,540,076,897 S$112,128,737,397
May-26 2023 S$1.3490 S$1.3486 S$1.3501 S$1.3492 S$20,049,654,838 S$112,056,015,976
May-25 2023 S$1.3485 S$1.3477 S$1.3507 S$1.3491 S$26,226,582,034 S$112,010,262,637
May-24 2023 S$1.3490 S$1.3482 S$1.3516 S$1.3486 S$21,348,042,900 S$112,003,312,197
May-22 2023 S$1.3490 S$1.3481 S$1.3506 S$1.3486 S$16,186,978,196 S$111,861,866,659
May-21 2023 S$1.3493 S$1.3478 S$1.3496 S$1.3492 S$12,750,369,125 S$111,872,781,989
May-19 2023 S$1.3486 S$1.3480 S$1.3494 S$1.3487 S$23,469,720,299 S$111,741,699,116
May-18 2023 S$1.3485 S$1.3477 S$1.3494 S$1.3485 S$25,933,021,525 S$111,715,240,004
May-16 2023 S$1.3487 S$1.3476 S$1.3516 S$1.3486 S$21,147,754,914 S$111,705,633,038
May-15 2023 S$1.3484 S$1.3473 S$1.3494 S$1.3485 S$19,966,319,661 S$111,653,762,548
May-14 2023 S$1.3488 S$1.3482 S$1.3495 S$1.3485 S$15,561,958,667 S$111,678,649,632
May-13 2023 S$1.3489 S$1.3478 S$1.3502 S$1.3488 S$27,436,019,267 S$111,682,415,591
May-11 2023 S$1.3493 S$1.3486 S$1.3505 S$1.3498 S$34,403,456,128 S$111,469,090,182
May-08 2023 S$1.3498 S$1.3493 S$1.3597 S$1.3540 S$24,360,872,732 S$110,804,798,664
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 1.3474 SGD.