Market Cap RM5.63T 2.19%
Volume 24h RM317.28B 35.47%
BTC % 44.31% 0.36%
ETH % 18.71% 0.8%
Coins 22.414 +77
Exchanges 839
Last update 1 minute ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MYR Capitalization MYR
May-26 2023 RM4.6121 RM4.6105 RM4.6157 RM4.6128 RM68,545,892,096 RM383,097,845,919
May-25 2023 RM4.6102 RM4.6074 RM4.6179 RM4.6125 RM89,663,611,503 RM382,941,424,104
May-24 2023 RM4.6120 RM4.6092 RM4.6208 RM4.6107 RM72,984,829,761 RM382,917,661,893
May-22 2023 RM4.6121 RM4.6089 RM4.6174 RM4.6107 RM55,340,147,738 RM382,434,086,955
May-21 2023 RM4.6129 RM4.6080 RM4.6139 RM4.6128 RM43,591,045,994 RM382,471,404,359
May-19 2023 RM4.6106 RM4.6085 RM4.6134 RM4.6108 RM80,238,434,436 RM382,023,257,367
May-18 2023 RM4.6102 RM4.6075 RM4.6133 RM4.6103 RM88,659,984,899 RM381,932,798,781
May-16 2023 RM4.6111 RM4.6071 RM4.6208 RM4.6106 RM72,300,083,873 RM381,899,954,422
May-15 2023 RM4.6098 RM4.6063 RM4.6132 RM4.6104 RM68,260,985,244 RM381,722,619,249
May-14 2023 RM4.6114 RM4.6092 RM4.6138 RM4.6101 RM53,203,326,852 RM381,807,703,377
May-13 2023 RM4.6115 RM4.6078 RM4.6160 RM4.6112 RM93,798,443,487 RM381,820,578,461
May-11 2023 RM4.6130 RM4.6107 RM4.6169 RM4.6147 RM117,618,762,544 RM381,091,260,148
May-08 2023 RM4.6148 RM4.6129 RM4.6485 RM4.6290 RM83,285,112,246 RM378,820,175,928
May-07 2023 RM4.6187 RM4.6167 RM4.6227 RM4.6209 RM87,616,919,645 RM379,097,485,962
May-06 2023 RM4.6183 RM4.6079 RM4.6187 RM4.6124 RM97,980,257,847 RM379,058,842,858
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 4.6065 MYR.