Market Cap MX$21.45T 2.19%
Volume 24h MX$1.21T 35.47%
BTC % 44.31% 0.36%
ETH % 18.71% 0.8%
Coins 22.414 +77
Exchanges 839
Last update 3 Minutes ago
Date Price Price Low Price High Price Open Volume 24h MXN Capitalization MXN
May-26 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$17.59 MX$17.58 MX$261,273,162,024 MX$1,460,236,091,573
May-25 2023 MX$17.57 MX$17.56 MX$17.60 MX$17.58 MX$341,766,582,641 MX$1,459,639,865,878
May-24 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$17.61 MX$17.57 MX$278,192,852,528 MX$1,459,549,292,572
May-22 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$17.60 MX$17.57 MX$210,937,445,618 MX$1,457,706,072,660
May-21 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.56 MX$17.59 MX$17.58 MX$166,153,945,548 MX$1,457,848,313,659
May-19 2023 MX$17.57 MX$17.57 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$305,841,077,267 MX$1,456,140,132,789
May-18 2023 MX$17.57 MX$17.56 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$337,941,106,189 MX$1,455,795,336,037
May-16 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.56 MX$17.61 MX$17.57 MX$275,582,838,742 MX$1,455,670,144,735
May-15 2023 MX$17.57 MX$17.56 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$260,187,195,940 MX$1,454,994,204,573
May-14 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$17.59 MX$17.57 MX$202,792,625,665 MX$1,455,318,515,753
May-13 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.56 MX$17.59 MX$17.58 MX$357,527,127,788 MX$1,455,367,591,109
May-11 2023 MX$17.58 MX$17.57 MX$17.60 MX$17.59 MX$448,321,920,739 MX$1,452,587,682,702
May-08 2023 MX$17.59 MX$17.58 MX$17.72 MX$17.64 MX$317,453,956,185 MX$1,443,931,097,496
May-07 2023 MX$17.60 MX$17.60 MX$17.62 MX$17.61 MX$333,965,303,279 MX$1,444,988,107,144
May-06 2023 MX$17.60 MX$17.56 MX$17.61 MX$17.58 MX$373,466,753,451 MX$1,444,840,813,037
Important: The prices displayed are based on the US dollar, the price, price low, price high, price open, volume and capitalization columns are calculated at the current exchange rate, with a conversion rate of 1 USD = 17.55838 MXN.